Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At Test Day At Toyota Speedway

Toyota Speedway
I caught up with Moses during a testing day at the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. The sunny and warm California weather belied the snow capped mountains in the background.

Moses and the crew look very busy, but I was able to chat with him for a moment in between his time on the track.

Question: The weather is gorgeous out here at the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale; you were born and raised in California. When was the first time you raced at Irwindale?

Moses #76 Formula MazdaMoses: I race a Formula Mazda here in 2000…I qualified on the pole but finished second…I think, or was it the other way around.

Question: How is testing going?

Moses: Testing is going well. It is the first time I get to work with Mario Isola. We seemed to hit it off well.

Question: Will this be your last test of the 2009 season, since the NASCAR ban on testing?

Moses: Yeah, we wanted to get out and shake everything down before the ban is put into effect January 1st. It should be interesting to see how the ban affects everyone next year.

Question: What are your predictions for 2009?

Moses: Too early to tell. I think the showdown will give us a good indication; you will have to ask me after that.

Moses Smith, #16 Hasa Pool Products ToyotaThe sixth-edition of the NASCAR Toyota All- Star Showdown will be the first race of the 2009 season for driver Moses Smith, #16 Hasa Pool Products Toyota.

Moses finished the 2008 season sixth in the championship points. He completed the season on October 25, with a third place finish at the All American Speedway.

The NASCAR Toyota All-Star Show- down has been nicknamed “The Daytona 500 of NASCAR Short Track Racing.” The 250 lap race will begin at 8:31 p.m. January 24, 2009.

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