Thursday, May 7, 2009

NASCAR & Mother's Day!

Moses Smith #16 Hasa Pool Products
Mother's Day is older than NASCAR. The modern Mother's Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis as a day for each family to honor their mothers in 1912. You only need to walk down the pits of any NASCAR racetrack to understand just how important Moms are to the racers.

When Moses' started his 'career' as a racer, he was just twelve. I was a tad less than enthusiastic. Moms are different than Dads. We worry about the "what ifs." Of course the worst one is "what if" he/she is injured. Nevertheless, it was not long before NASCAR Race Mom joined the ranks of the track moms who spent the majority of their weekends in the pits helping out the team as much as possible. Moms fill in as media/press release consultants; score keepers; logistics manager ect . . . .

For over a decade, Jeff Gordon has driven his beloved No. 24 Chevrolet at the front of the pack at nearly every tack on the NASCAR circuit including this weekend’s Cup event at Darlington Raceway. Some attribute his success to natural skill. Some think it’s because of his work ethic. But, the one person who probably knows Jeff best is convinced her son’s racing tenacity has everything to do with a certain quarter midget race he competed in at the age of six.

“I remember a time when he (Jeff Gordon) was first racing quarter midgets, he got lapped during a race and when the race ended he said that he didn't like to be lapped and never wanted that to happen again. He was six at the time.”

Carol Mears with son CaseyIn an exclusive interview with Gordon’s mother, Carol, she tells more of this story and other tales from his childhood that you might enjoy in light of the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend.

Additional stories are available from other moms of NASCAR stars including Ryan Newman, Brian Vickers, Reed Sorensen and Casey Mears. The interviews are available at, the Official Search Engine of NASCAR. Just search NASCAR moms or click here.

After reading all those heart-warming stories, take time to remember your special "mom" Sunday.


Dr. Rus Jeffrey said...

This is a great post! I've spent a good share of time in the pits at Watkins Glen. You are right! Mom's are usually not far away.

Unknown said...

Very nice Z! Mom always worries about her babies, no matter what they do. Glad I'm just the Dad! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That pic is one of my favorites too. Happy Early Mother's Day!! You are the BEST NASCAR MOM. You ROCK!! - sitara

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Thanks for the comments everyone - super glad you like the post.