Monday, June 8, 2009

Ride-A-Long With Moses Smith

NASCAR Race Mom was lucky enough to be one of the guests of HASA Pool Products who were given a special treat Saturday at the Douglas County Speedway, located in Roseburg, Oregon. The Camping World Series West was scheduled to race there later in the evening.

Courtesy of Bill McAnally Racing's two-seater Ride Car, NRM was given an exciting two-lap ride around the .375-mile oval. Hasa Driver, Moses Smith (my favorite driver) of the #16 Hasa Pool Products / White Flyer Toyota Camry took time out of his busy schedule, to personally take us on the ride of a lifetime. There were definitely a lot of smiling faces as the participants climbed out of the race car after their two-lap excursion around the track.

When it was my turn, the first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to wiggle into the passenger seat, through the window with a helmet on. “That’s why we put them on once we are inside the car!” Moses bantered with a smile. (Hum, probably something he could of told his mother earlier.)

After I was belted in snugly, the order came down to shut off the motor. There was a problem on the track. You cannot believe how quickly the inside of that race vehicle heats up when parked on the track. I felt my clithrophobia threaten to flare.

However, it was all worth it. Moses brought the car up to speed quickly. I was shocked at the limited visibility the “windows” offered. The importance of a good spotter became immediately obvious to me.

The two laps were over in a flash. However, the education those two laps bestowed will forever enhance my appreciation of the degree of intricacies a NASCAR Driver experiences every race. I cannot imagine being inside that car for one hundred and fifty laps, racing with traffic all around me.

Photos by Sitara Wilson


disneyluv said...

That sounds like it would be a blast. : )

~ A Moxie Mom said...

It does sound like fun. Those two laps would have my heart pumping everytime my son was out there.

Firecracker! said...

Hi 'z'...It WAS a BLAST...wasn't it...Now you see why Moses quickly owned a special spot in my heart!!

Last year they did a 20 lap or 20 minute race with several two seater cars where the ride alongs got to be in an actual race...well as actual as it could be and still keep them all safe! Man THAT'S what I would have LOVED to do...a ride along that actually allowed you to feel what it would be like to be surrounded on the track by several other cars...lap after lap...after lap!! (But there was a drawing for something like 8 people...and my name didn't get I got the regular ride along, like you did.....)

Oh, to feel the excitement of real racing, like Moses feels every race...THAT WOULD BE A BLAST!!!


NASCAR Race Mom said...

It really was a very fun and exciting experience. I wish that all fans could do it!

BellaRide760 said...

Sounds like a blast! I can only imagine what else flared up :) Like Mother like daughter *Giggles* I miss you Mom! Lunch soon!!

Tony said...

Thanks for sharing your ride along Z.
It gives some perspective to things others might not even think about.
Enhancing the viewers experience one lap at a time :)

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Nice to hear from you both again Mary and Tony!

Mary will call you re: lunch when I get back from Infineon - congrats on the marriage!

Tony - what is new with you - long time no talk.

Tony said...

Sounds like I am following in Marys foot steps we are going to tie the knot Friday the 19th then heading to Mexico for our honeymoon. Ill catch up with you all when I get back and tell Moses good luck from us at the Tailgate.

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Wow - Congratulations Tony - I want to hear all about it. On 08/03 Paul & I will be celebrating our 35th!

Will pass on the best wishes to Moses.