Friday, July 31, 2009

Tweeting The Miller Motorsports Park '125' Live

As in the past, the ‘At the Track’ segment will be blogging all the pre-race activities of the NASCAR Camping World Series West Race.

******* NASCAR Race Mom will also be tweeting Moses’ Race, green flag to checkered!

You can follow the action on twitter by following @MosesRace.

You can also read the updates on the live blog above.

If you want to participate in the action:

  1. Leave a tweet using the #MosesRace hashtag. Your tweet will automatically be posted to the live blog also. Tweets will appear in the live blog almost immediately.

    Tweet any questions you have to @MosesRace.. (Please do not leave a dm - it is usually too dark at the track to switch back and forth.)

  2. You can also leave a post in the comment box located at the bottom of the live blog. (However tweeting is much faster)

Important – when NASCAR Race Mom signs off the blog - please feel free to leave any comments and questions while we are gone - NRM will see them as soon as we log back in. If you are a first time user, your input might not appear on this blog until we return and approve them. However, rest assured that they will be saved and answered.

NASCAR Race Mom will be checking for activity on this Blog frequently!

If you are not familiar with Twitter, click here for a cheat sheet.

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