Friday, August 28, 2009

NASCAR Off-Weekend

NEW Quote from Moses Smith #16 Hasa Pool Products Toyota Camry:

Actually this weekend I am going to spend it working at the shop. We have just expanded our Business, and have become the Official Standard FM Builder/Supplier. This has been a long goal, that has finally come together. We have a big responsibility to our racers, and want to make sure that during this transition they still have plenty of support.

I also have a bunch of Chores to do around the house, so this weekend is really about getting caught up. The end of the season is coming soon, so I will get some down time then…

One of the aspects of racing, that even the most avid NASCAR fans often forget about, is just how taxing a full race season can be. In the NASCAR Camping World Series West it means thirteen point race weekends, the Toyota Showdown, and a host of sponsor’s obligations. This torrid pace makes a driver’s and crew’s rare off-weekends all the more valuable as they seek out a little Rest and Recreation, including time with their families.

NASCAR Race Mom took her off-weekend opportunity to fit in a quick getaway to London, England. (see Cover It Live post below for details and photos). It was interesting, because no matter how hard NRM searched, there was no evidence of NASCAR in London. Kind of made the trip surreal!

Moses Smith, driver of the #16 Hasa Pool Products Toyota spent his off-weekend trying to get caught up at his race shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Quote from Moses' twitter account, "Done with my office work, Heading out to the shop to put a new Front Clip on a wrecked Racecar...This is the kinda work I like..."

As August 29-30 represents the final off-weekend of the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season,, the Official Search Engine of NASCAR, went behind-the-scenes to give you a look at what your favorite drivers plan to do with their free time. They have also posed several additional questions regarding each driver and their plans to test your knowledge!

You can check out this informative and entertain post by clicking here .

Do you think you've got a better plan for how Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, or Kurt Busch should spend their last weekend before the Chase? Send your funny, creative and entertaining ideas to and you might just receive some autographed memorabilia signed by the No. 96 driver and former Cup Champion, Bobby Labonte! Just remember to include your mailing address when you send in your idea so they will know where to send your memorabilia.

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