Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tony Stewart
Coca-Cola Racing Google+ Hangout

Tony Stewart getting ready to answer a question from NASCAR Race Mom

Did you attend the Google+ Hangout with Coca-Cola Racing Family Championship contenders Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, and Denny Hamlin? If not you can still view the entire event by watching the YouTube version below.

Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle, Kyle Petty, Elliott Sadler, Cassie Laberee, Niki Nikolopoulos,  Tom Rolfson, Valerie Anderle, and Bob Pockrass, were in attendance. While NASCAR Race Mom was not chosen to participate live, I was allowed to submit a question. Additionally, NASCAR Race Mom’s blog contest winner’s question was also asked.

Both our questions were answered by NASCAR Star, Tony Stewart. 

NASCAR Race Mom: As a NASCAR Race Mom myself, I recently enjoyed a photo of your mom participating in a go-kart. You {Tony}, looked about eight years old and served as her starter. What advice did you give your mom before that powder puff event and how did she finish?

Tony Stewart: She actually won that day, but I did not give her any advice. My dad was the one that was giving her the advice. I just didn’t want her to get hurt because I wanted to be sure that she cooked dinner that night. Nah she may have been the one of my parents that actually had the driving talent. She was pretty good when she would run those races at the go-kart track. It was a lot of fun. I know exactly the picture that you are talking about. I was probably 8 or 9. It was something that we did not get to do a lot of, but that was one thing as a family that we did; my sister, my mother, my father and I, we all went go-kart racing together when I was young. We had a lot of good times.

Nancy S (Blog Contest Winner): After viewing the wreck in Talladega, “Do you ever get scared?”

Tony Stewart: No, I am scared of not being in a race car in all reality. I have been racing for thirty-three years now and it just part of racing; it is just part of what happens. The worst part of that was that I was the one who made the mistake that caused twenty-four other guys to have a bad day. That was probably what worried me more than just being in the wreck itself.

You can see the entire Google+ Hangout with Coca-Cola Racing Family Championship contenders below:

*** Disclosure: Coca Cola Racing and NASCAR Race Mom, support ethical blogging and strict adherence to the FTC guidelines pertaining to free samples and gifts. As a participant in a Coca Cola Racing campaign, NASCAR Race Mom was compensated by Coca Cola Racing via product. However, NRM would have been pleased to share this news with my readers without said compensation. ***

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