Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NASCAR Pit Crew Increase Speed With VertiMax

VertiMax is an athletic training device to maximize speed, vertical jump and overall athletic performance from youth to Pro levels.

It was always assumed that the 'how to jump high' solution came primarily from training your legs. And on its face, that seems logical. But when you consider the total movement pattern of a jumper, you can't help but ignore another major element of the movement - arm swing. If you've ever tried jumping without the use of your arms to propel you forward, chances are you didn't get too far - or too high. Our statistics showed us that, indeed, 13 percent of vertical jumping capabilities come from arm swing speed. But what piece of equipment could teach that and lower extremity power?

The VertiMax. With resistance bands for your hips, legs and arms, you can now know the difference between good enough and great. Professional athletes from all sports have turned to VertiMax because they know the difference - and they see it first-hand in their performance. Coaches are bringing it into training rooms, too, and their teams are looking better as a result.

Being a pit crew member in today’s NASCAR has the physical demands of a professional football player along with the added stress of knowing that one second is the difference between first place and placing in the back of the field. The VertiMax is an innovative training system that allows pit crew members to simultaneously strengthen arm swing velocity and leg drive for maximum explosive speed, which is crucial when every millisecond counts.

VertiMax is a really unique piece of training equipment. It is designed to allow athletes to adapt to and train with any sports specific movement allowing athletes to move much faster compared to training with conventional technology. VertiMax’s ability to load and train complex movements for speed improvements started to attract the attention of NASCAR strength coaches about a year ago to help address each pit crew member’s specific requirements for moving around the race car during a pit stop.

Stewart Haas and Penske are the only two NASCAR teams currently utilizing the VertiMax.

Considering the pit crews for Stewart Haas and Penske responded so well to the system and the importance of fractions of a second in a pit stop, I’m confident VertiMax is going to become a standard fixture in NASCAR training facilities for both pit crews and drivers because it simply develops a faster more agile human and those are pretty important attributes if you’re driving a NASCAR or in the pit crew, explained Michael Wehrell, the President of VertiMax.

Taking in consideration the NASCAR Youth trend, NASCAR Race Mom asked Mr. Wehrell if there were any age restrictions for the VertiMax.

Originally we designed the VertiMax to train athletes from about 14 years and older but the system became so popular among children we had to design a youth model that can safely train athletes as young as 6 years old. The system is designed to keep elastic resistance constant so people don’t have to worry so much about stability when they are moving around and exercising which makes it very useful and safe to use from youth sports levels to general exercise and rehabilitation of the elderly.  (Michael Wehrell)

As a “mature individual” NASCAR Race Mom is especially interested in the future of VertiMax and the elderly.

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