Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to #NASCAR's King

Richard “The King” Petty is on the top of list of NASCAR Icons NASCAR Racemom wants to meet.

Richard Lee Petty (born July 2, 1937) is a retired NASCAR driver most well-known for winning the NASCAR Championship seven times; winning a record 200 races; winning the Daytona 500 a record seven times, and winning a record 27 races (ten of them consecutively) in the 1967 season alone.

While this legacy is impressive in and of itself; these stats are not the reason NRM would love the opportunity to shake Mr. Petty’s hand.

Most impressive about the King’s career is his interaction with his fans; no one is nicer and more polite and respectful of fan!

Remarkably in his fifty-plus years in racing, Richard Petty has given his autograph close to a million times -- sometimes as many as 5,000 times a day, he says. He still smiles and interacts with the thrilled fans who line up for their special moment with the legend.

Hopefully, one day NASCAR Race Mom will have the opporuntity to take that selfie with The King, grab that treasured looping script autograph, and thank him for a work ethic and appreciation of fans that has kept him on the top!

Richard Petty with son Kyle (from Kyle Petty's FB page)

Happy 77th Birthday Richard Petty

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