Monday, November 10, 2014

Newman vs. Larson

Could this photo be any cuter!  In January of 2013 NASCAR Rising Star, Kyle Larson shared this photo of  Chase Contender Ryan Newman and himself via twitter.

Last race, NASCAR Veteran Ryan Newman's rough last-chance pass of the Rookie, Kyle Larson, at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday drew plenty of attention and criticism.

"I think if Kyle Larson was in my shoes, he'd have done the exact same thing," Newman said afterward. "I didn't take him out. He still finished the race ... but I think in a day or two he'll understand, if he doesn't now. It's hard to rationalize that, but like I said, I did what I had to do and tried to keep it as clean as I possibly could. I don't like racing that way, but there's a lot on the line here, and we'll keep digging."

What did the young rookie think about all the drama?

"Coming to the finish, there were a lot of cars racing really hard. I knew the 31 (Newman) was right around me, and knew he needed to gain some spots to keep from getting eliminated from the Chase. "It's a little upsetting he pushed me up to the wall, but I completely understand the situation he was in, and can't fault him for being aggressive there. I think a lot of drivers out here would have done something similar if they were in that position."

Somehow the photo above describes this situation perfectly without any word.

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Unknown said...

So Kyle. He is not a dirty driver. I do hope though, if anyone tried crap in these next two races, he doesn't take crap.