Thursday, March 5, 2015

#NASCARs’ New Pit Road Technology

NASCAR’s new pit road technology is a camera-based system that records pit road activity through a race and alerts officials of all pit road infractions. Over forty-five (45) HD cameras will be utilized at each track. These cameras are mounted on the grandstand side of the track and are able to monitor all pit road activity including all pit stalls.

NASCAR officials will be stationed on the “cold” side of the pit wall and will assess penalties for the violations they see.

Eight Officials will also staff the pit road officiating trailer during each event and are responsible for reviewing all pit stops. Approximately ten officials will work behind the wall on pit road. This system is scheduled to be utilized in all NASCAR Sprint Cup races and companion events.

Teams are to be notified of infractions via radio communication from NASCAR Race Control. NASCAR implemented the change to technology for officiating to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and safety on pit road.

Violations To Be Monitor

  • Over The Wall Too Soon
  • Driving Through Too Many Pit Boxes
  • Pitting Outside The Box
  • Too Many Crew Members Over The Wall
  • Removing Equipment

NASCAR Race Mom hopes to get a closer look at NASCAR’s New Pit Road Technology at the Fontana Race later this month; look for Photos and Opinions to Follow!

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