Monday, October 26, 2015

Rest In Peace Karsyn Bratch

Strive to be more Karsyn-like.

Rest In Peace Karsyn Bratch
She had battled one form or another of cancer nearly all her life. Born February 17, 2003, her diagnosis with Optic Gleomia in 2007, soon led to the discovery of several other medical issues.

The young girl was also legally blind. But the various ailments that had invaded her body could not depressed her life-force.

Karsyn probably couldn’t remember a time when cancer did not negatively impact her life. Through countless treatment plans, surgeries, drug cocktails, and radiation, her fighting spirit never wavered.

Some people may look at Karsyn and see the obstacles. Not Karsyn - she looked at the world and embraced the opportunities.

It is the writer’s sorrow to inform that Karsyn Kennedy Bratch, just twelve years of age, died at 7:48 pm, Sunday, October 25, 2015 at her home. She lived with her mom, Linette and stepdad, Bill Burchett, on Old U.S. 24 near Richvalley. She also has a sister, Jordan, stepsister, Cassie, and a little nephew, Kadyn. Bratch’s dad, Bob, is in the military and resides in Indianapolis.

Karsyn was a seventh grader at Wabash Middle School, and was in the Metropolitan School District of Wabash County until 6th grade. She was known as The Princess of Sharp Creek Elementary.

She was a member of the Girl Scouts. Karsyn enjoyed crafts, telling knock-knock jokes, fishing, and being in the boat on the water. She enjoyed cheer-leading and was an honorary cheerleader. Karsyn loved talking to people and didn't know a stranger. 

Rest In Peace Karsyn Bratch

Further, Karsyn had a big heart and was the founder of the Kick It for Karsyn campaign in Wabash and also Karsyn Kares, used for helping three other families. Did I mention her love for NASCAR Champion Jeff Gordon?

We can all learn from Ms. Karsyn. Her recent @KarsynKickIt @kickkidscancer @JeffGordon4Cure event has raised more than $20,000. While it is easier to focus on our own negativity, we should all be more Karsyn-like and concentrate on the welfare of others. 


Anonymous said...

This is her sister, Jordan. This is a very beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing her legacy, it will forever live on. Her form may have changed, but her spirit hasn't. Thank you very much.

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. My condolences to the family. Please let me know if you have any words or photos from your sister's service you wish me to share with my readers.