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Charles Lacarre – Sponsorship Needed

Charles Lacarre – Sponsorship Needed

Cleared to Race the 2021 Season

Most red-blooded American boys and more than a few vigorous American girls mature with the dream of racing NASCAR in their hearts. Charles LaCarre is no different except for the fact that he was born and raised in France. 

Charles Lacarre – Sponsorship Needed (#NASCAR #ARCA)

While Charles is brimming with ambition and talent, he is lacking is what most NASCAR hopefuls lack – adequate sponsorship.

He arrived in the USA on January third with hopeful plans to race the 2021 season in ARCA. Charles joined the action during the ARCA Menards Series test at Daytona International Speedway earlier this month. His successful test won him NASCAR/ARCA approval to race on the ‘mile or less’ tracks and road courses. Additionally, he is cleared for Talladega and Daytona.

Charles Lacarre’s Wins and Awards.

  • - 2011: First Win in The First Ever Go-Kart Race.
  • - 2012: Three (3) Wins Across the Season In Go-Karts. Highlights Include a Top15 In First French National Championship (Out Of 60+ Drivers).
  • - 2013: Recruited by The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Young Driver Development Program After A Horrific Crash That Ended Go-Kart Career.
  • - 2015: Won the European Trans-AM TA2 “V8 Academy” Award. Took Part in The Development of An American TA2 Chevy Camaro. The Goal Was to Give Feedback to The Team, As Well As Work on The Car To Make It Fit European Regulations.
  • - 2016: First Real Life Oval Driving Experience During a Richard Petty Driving Experience At Charlotte Motor Speedway… First Trip In The USA.
  • - 2017: First Oval Race in The 3/8-Mile At Warneton (Belgium), In The European Late Model Series (ELMS). 1st Top 5 After 5 Races.
  • - 2019: As a Rookie in The Late Model V8 Oval Series (LMV8OS), On The ½-Mile At Venray, I Won A Record 6 Consecutive Races For The Series. I Won 40% Of the Races I Entered That Year (6/15).
  • - 2020: No Racing Due To COVID-19, But Received ARCA And NASCAR’s Approval To Race In The ARCA Menards Series.
  • - 2021: First Tests at Daytona International Speedway… And Hopefully, First Races Soon!

Unfortunately, Charles, who is currently a student in the Netherlands via internet instruction, is still looking for sponsorship. Below is our discussion on this subject.

NASCAR Race Mom: How Is Your Sponsorship Hunt Going?

I cannot say this is the easy part of racing. Sometimes the road to NASCAR seems impossible and sometimes it does seem possible. The most complicated aspect of the racing bug is the search for sponsors and budget to race when you are an underfunded underdog. The natural progression goes through this search that is the often untold and not sexy part of being a racecar driver.

As an outsider, coming from Europe, I have to prove my legitimacy to American race teams and organizations as well as partners and I wish to do just that. I am naturally excited and enthusiastic about trying to grow my project in the USA, where I have always wanted to be. I love brainstorming to find ideas about how to submit meaningful partnership requests and build a relationship with partners so that they can find value in sponsoring me.

I am currently trying to surround myself with companies that are local to the Spartanburg-Greenville area as this is my American hometown. Sharon (American Mentor) and I are also working on finding deals with French-American companies with national and international presence. It makes sense given my origins! Great stories are written behind the scenes, by those pre-destined to walk an unknown and uncertain path without being discouraged, and I want to succeed in spite of everything, so, I will never give up no matter how long it takes.

NASCAR Race Mom: What Do You Offer to A Sponsor?

 I offer “The Conqwest”! which is the name of my project. My offers are really simple and break down in 3 main ideas: affordability, creativity and coherence.

Affordability: I need to raise awareness and prove myself on the track, so, all I need to do is race. I am not looking to make any money with my racing. It helps selling affordable sponsorships to fight the ideas that racing costs a lot. Also, I try to create value for partnerships so that the return is consequent and justifies the investment of a company. I am an underdog and I have big odds. The payoff is big for the first company that will see the potential Sharon saw in my project when she agreed to launch MDR Sports Mgt and work with me. My project is unique in itself since I come from France in a sport that is essentially American.

Creativity: I have a taste for things done right. The first thing drivers propose in their proposals are visibility on the car and equipment. I am French and I have to honor French fashion, so I want to look best on track with slick helmet, fire suit and car wrap designs. Visual identity is important, but that is not enough. I wish to be an ambassador for the brands I will represent. I want to promote their product, raise awareness about what they sell so that people know how they can benefit from using my partners’ services. Engagement is important and if an American company partners with me, I want to be sure I adhere to their values so that I can be a coherent spokesperson for them… Which leads me to:

Coherence: I need to understand what the companies want so that I can adapt my project to their marketing needs. “The Conqwest” is versatile and it can be anything. In summary… Dare I say I can offer a sponsor just what they need?!

Unlike Frenchman Jean Girard, the antagonist in the 2006 comedy film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Charles Lacarre is ready to creatively embrace the ethos of NASCAR.

Please call Sharon Boswell at 704-723-1238 or email her at for a unique sponsorship opportunity.

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