Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Ready, Set, Let's Go Racing

Ready, Set, Let's Go Racing

JoFactor Entertainment Set to Release a New Children's Book, Fastlife, Let's Go Racing on Thursday

Ready, Set, Let's Go Racing


FASTLIFE, LET'S GO RACING written by Brooke DeBoer releases August 5, 2021

This book tells the inspiring story of a boy and his dream of becoming a professional racecar driver, based on the real-life love story between Derek DeBoer and his wife Brooke, featuring Spencer Pumpelly.


After Derek's dad had hung up his fast-paced dreams, Derek helps him reignite his passion for racing.


Brooke & Derek DeBoer


In this story of friendship between Derek and his classmate Brooke, they discover the power of chasing their dreams together. Their journey is filled with adolescent challenges, roadblocks and small wins as they chase their dreams to become the people that they are meant to be.


"What good are wings without the courage to fly," by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird is a favorite quote to share for Brooke DeBoer, wife and life-time advocate of chasing your dreams while documenting it along the way through her company Chop Chop Media.



To celebrate the book release, Derek and Brooke will be supporting the kids MINI Grand Prix event on August 5th. This inspiring event will kick off the inaugural Nashville Music City Grand Prix August 6-8 where Derek will be driving car #66 in SRO's GT America series.


"I am so thrilled to be supporting this amazing book that Brooke has brought to life through the drawings from my daughter Paige. Supporting and inspiring kids to live their dreams and follow their hearts is something she has spent her life devoted to. I will be at Fan Zone sitting next to her and signing as many books as I can for the kids at this race. Can't wait to see and feel the energy of these young racers in their carts in real time," said Derek.


The MINI Grand Prix hosts two categories of mini racers with 15 participants each in a mini pedal cart they build themselves. Proceeds of this event are supporting ROCKETOWN -a Nashville youth charity. 


To purchase FASTLIFE, LET'S GO RACING check out their website https://www.fastlife.tv/


Fans are invited to the Fan Zone area of the racetrack to meet driver Derek DeBoer and author/wife Brooke DeBoer on August 5th from 5:30-7pm. Special edition limited release hardcover books will be available for purchase on site or at Fairytales Bookstore - Nashville.


To purchase FASTLIFE, LET'S GO RACING check out their website and support them by following their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.



About Chop Chop Media

Brooke DeBoer, owner of Chop Chop Media, created FastlifeTV with the original intent of telling a story about her husband chasing a dream to become a professional race car driver. The show also was intended to give fans a behind the scenes view into the crazy world of professional motorsports. As many projects do, it continued to morph. Brooke has now turned the story into a children's book! Brooke is also a Life Coach and helps others to turn their dreams into a reality.


About JoFactor Entertainment

JoFactor Entertainment is a children's empowering publishing company founded in 2019 by Joanne Boufis, CEO. This company publishes timeless classics for a new generation with children's stories of empowerment, emotional intelligence, and cultural inclusivity. The company's vision is that every person who touches their stories, and the products that emulate from them should have an experience of empowerment, freedom, and a better life.


For more information, please visit their website and follow them on social media.



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