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Kyle Busch on NASCAR Parity

Kyle Busch on #NASCAR Parity

The State or Condition of being Equal, especially Regarding Status or Pay.

Kyle Busch on #NASCAR Parity


Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and Richmond Raceway’s winningest active driver, Kyle Busch (six victories) says the overall parity in the sport since the introduction of the Next Gen race car last year is not a bad thing. There have been five different winners in the opening six races of 2023 with Hendrick Motorsports’ William Byron (Las Vegas and Phoenix) the only repeat winner.


“Parity is always good, right,’’ said Busch, who drives the No. 8 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet and scored a victory at California’s Auto Club Speedway in February.


“Last year we had 19 different winners. Every manufacturer, obviously. I think the guy who won the most races, it was four or five that they won and it’s been a while since it’s been that few races won by the top winner of the series. Typically, you see seven, eight, nine 10 race wins.


“It just showed good parity and I feel like a lot of that has more to do with this Next Gen race car than it does the manufacturers, but they are all working hard and doing best we can with what we continue to build on our program with RCR and Chevrolet and hopefully keep heading in the right direction.”


When comparing the NASCAR Cup Series competitiveness to other series, such as Formula One, Busch grinned.


“If you look at F1 I don’t think there’s much parity,” he said. “So you could argue, that you turn on NASCAR races and you kind of don’t know whose going to win each week. You know who’s good at particular racetracks but sometimes those guys, like myself, only win one race a year so they’re not winning every single week.”


“Where you turn on an F1 race and you’re just wondering if anybody’s going to beat Red Bull right now. It was Mercedes. So, there’s obviously a distinct difference between our two series.’’


Kyle Busch is off to a solid start for Richard Childress Racing with a victory, two top-10 finishes and sitting fourth in points through six races.


Kyle Busch on #NASCAR Parity



source: NASCAR Media

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