Sunday, June 11, 2023

Who is Isis Mikayle Castillo?

Who is Isis Mikayle Castillo?

Nine-Year-Old Singer of the Xfinity Series 'National Anthem'

Who is Isis Mikayle Castillo?


Over the last twenty years, NASCAR Race Mom (NRM) has been to a plethora of races and consequently listened to a gaggle of National Anthems. Last night’s performance by nine-year-old Isis Mikayle Castillo at the start of NASCAR Xfinity Series Event at Sonoma Raceway was by far the most enjoyable.


After scouring the internet, little was found regarding this young rising star. She is an inspiring singer, dancer and actor from the Bay Area in California.


Isis is a very active individual who you can follow her on her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels. 


Well done young lady - NRM is sure we will hear much more about Ms. Isis in the near future.


source: NASCAR Media

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