Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ten Questions With NASCAR Camping World Series West Driver Moses Smith

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I was able to corner Moses for a quick interview. I hope you enjoy the results below:

1: Do you have any pre-race rituals that you do?

Moses: Not really…probably just make sure to use the restroom…long race ya know.

2: What was your first car, and what do you currently drive?

Moses: The first car was a 1969 Impala, that my grandparents let me borrow until I had enough money to buy my owe car. They were the original owners of the car, bought it right off the showroom floor. Such a cool car, I actually still own the car! My daily driver is a 04 Chevy Avalanche.

3: Do you have any pets?

Moses: Nope no pets. . . I always had Dogs and Cats when growing up, but the racing keeps me pretty busy.

4: What's your most embarrassing moment?

Moses: Well the most embarrassing moment I am going to keep a secret, but I do remember another, my first race in a go kart, I was running fourth, and then spun out…DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE STRAIGHT AWAY…I still can’t figure out how that happened…

5: Do you have a favorite track?

Moses: My Favorite Oval is Phoenix International Raceway, Favorite Road Course is Infineon, or Road Atlanta.

6: What's the best advice you've ever received and who was it from?

Moses: I have two quotes that I live by:

1) To finish first, first you must finish. A guy named Lynn Haddock said this to me when I was 11 years old. Lynn was my biggest sponsor at the time, he GAVE me a Komet K-71 engine to run on one of my go-karts.

2) The 6 P rule - Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. My Wood Shop teacher Jack Sprague would pound that into my head every time I would screw something up…so I heard it a lot…

7: What kind of music do you listen to?

Moses: I like 80’s Music best. We listen to classic rock in the shop, and I sneak in a little Jazz once in a while. I just saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert last week…what a good show!

8: If you had to pick a charity, which one would be your favorite?

Moses: Probably something to do with kids.

9: What has been your most memorable promotional event?

Moses: Well, the event that I look forward to doing every year is the Western Pool and Spa Show. I get to do that every year representing HASA Pool Products. Every year we have a theme, giveaways, drinks food. There are thousands that attend. I think this year we are setting up a R/C Car Track, and I get to race people all weekend.

10: Have you had any interesting interactions with a fan before?

Moses: I meet a father and son (Eddie and Chris) at my second Grand National event ever, they were at the track early and hanging out just on the other side of the fence watching, all the teams work in the pits. I walked over and gave them a couple of hats. Since then we have kept in touch and they show up to all my races that are near them. I gave them both Crew Shirts from our 2006 season, which have this BRIGHT Fluorescent Orange Strip on them, I can always find them in the stands.

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