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Camping World Series Hopeful – Victor Pfluger

Arizona native and NASCAR hopeful, eighteen-year-old Victor Pfluger is ranked 5th among 36 drivers from across the country in the 2009 Local Track category on the influential David Smith Motorsports scouting report. While Victor has caught the eye of NASCAR talent scouts and competitors alike, he is actively seeking sponsorship for the 2009 season to take his career to the next level. Without an immediate source of sponsorship funding, Pfluger may not be able to continue the record-setting performances that have been a trademark of his racing career.

Though he's been scouted by some of the biggest race teams in NASCAR, Victor understands the financial reality of making it into big-time auto racing. Coming from a family of very modest means - his father is a truck driver, Victor is desperately searching for sponsorship money to be able to race again this year. "I would like to find a sponsor so I can keep my career moving forward. This season, I would like to run a mix of races with the Camping World Series, ASA Midwest Tour and ASA Late Models. Eventually, I would like to be picked up by a Camping World Truck team and work my way up to Sprint Cup."

Interview with Victor Pfluger – 2007 ASA Speed Truck Challenge Champion

1. Victor, will you please tell the "NASCAR Race Mom" readers how you came to know Moses Smith?

A: I've known of Moses since I got into racing in 2000. When you grow up racing in a town like Phoenix, the people who are very good become well known. I actually met Moses in 2004. We were both rookies. We were racing at Las Vegas and he needed plumbing parts for his truck. We had everything he needed and loaned him the pieces. From that point on, we knew each other and over time became friends.

2. Do you have a favorite Moses Smith story or secret?

A: Hmm ... Well, having known Moses for as long as I have, there are a lot of stories. Probably one of the most memorable ones is when we raced against each other in the Camping World West race at Infineon Raceway in June 2006. It was my first Camping World Race ever and I chose the road course because that is a strong point for me. The weekend did not go well for me and I had some issues that prevented me from getting any practice time. My only time on track before the race was qualifying. I qualified into the field and went racing. About halfway through the race, I had another incident which put me a lap down. Now, Moses is the only other driver I know at this event. When I came out of the pits I was just in front of Moses. When Moses caught me to lap me, there was a miscommunication between our spotters and Moses got into me, spinning me through the dirt and putting the final nail in the coffin for my day. It was too ironic. Just one of those racing deals, and Moses called the next Monday and apologized. He was a class act about it.

3. What are your plans for 2009?

A: My plans for '09 depend on finding sponsor dollars. If I can get some sponsor help, I would like to do either the ASA Late Model series or the USAR Pro Cup series. Otherwise, I can't afford to do much of anything.

4. What do you think about the NASCAR Camping World Series West?

A: The Camping World West series is a good ladder series for someone who can't afford to race on the east coast and wants to provide good exposure for their sponsors.

5. What has been the highlight of your racing career so far?

A: I've been lucky to have had many great moments in my career. From winning my first race, to winning my first championship, to winning a late model race against Ron Hornaday. I have to say that the race with Hornaday, while being the biggest win of my career, was also one of the most fun races I have ever run. Ron, myself and his teammate spent the better part of 35 laps running 2- and 3-wide trying to decide who would win. Eventually I was able to put the slide job on Ron and bring home the win.

6. Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?

A: I have a lot of favorites because I appreciate the different attributes each driver has and excels at. I like how Hornaday could push his car 100% from the start. I like the cool calm consistency that Johnny Benson uses to win. I like how Tony Stewart can drive a car to the max regardless of any ill handling issues.

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A: Five years from now I would love to be in the middle of my second Nationwide season in a car capable of winning the championship. In the five year span, I would like to have won a USAR Pro Cup championship and Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year.

8. What is your best attribute as a driver?

A: I feel that one of my best attributes as a driver is my ability to manage my equipment. I can take a car, good or bad, and drive it to the front while still having enough grip in the brakes and tires to be quick in the last few laps when others are falling off.

9. How can fans contact you?

A: My fans can contact me through my website, my Twitter account, and of course my Yahoo fan group.

10. What can you offer potential sponsors and how can they contact you?

A: Any interested sponsor would gain a chance to advertise in one of the most popular sports in America. Depending on what would best suit their needs, we can run in a specific market area that they would like to target and can even offer national television exposure. Another option for someone looking to get involved is to become an investor in my career. I can be reached through my website, for anyone interested in becoming a supporter.

Information provided by Rebecca Gladden

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