Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winner of the NASCAR Camping World Series West - Plantronic Discovery 925 Contest

The NASCAR Camping World Series West - Plantronic Discovery 925 Contest receive a nice response. A total of 313 comments were left before the 2009 NASCAR Camping World Series West opener in Kyle, Texas.

The fashion-conscious headset is not only sleeker than average, but its comfortable and lightweight design makes it a pleasure to wear all day. The 925 has a diamond-shaped ear piece and a narrow V-frame microphone boom. Measuring 2.7 x 1.0 x 0.9 inches and weighing a less than half an ounce, the black and silver unit feels extremely light in your hands and in your ear.

Without any further ado, the winner of this modern marvel was Melissa (selected by random.org). Melissa's entry was a "tweet" left on Twitter. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. Congratulations Melissa!

The depth of some of the entries was amazing.

Firecracker said... Moses finished the last seven laps of the Toyota All Star Showdown, this year, with a flat right rear tire, coming in 12th out of a starting field of 40 drivers. Why to hang, Moses!!! ;)

Dree said... Moses received his career break competing in a limited schedule of Formula Mazda events in 2001.

superdavefive said... The NASCAR Camping World Series West was formerly known as the NASCAR Winston West Series, NASCAR Grand National Division, Autozone West Series and the NASCAR West Series.

Excellent participation - I would love to send the authors of these three comments a Moses Smith Racing Mouse Pad as a consolation prize.

Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway. NASCAR Race Mom hopes to sponsor more contests in the near future - if you have any suggestion as to how to improve the experience, please leave me a comment.


Firecracker! said...

Z., Thank you! I would love that!! Moses once threw in a 'frig' magnet, with something I ordered from him. (With his Formula Mazda on it.) If you have any left of those would you be a sweetheart and throw in another one or two. I use them at work and could REALLY use some more...and it keeps his name in front of my co-workers! I will probably use the mouse pad at work, too!! Thanks again! The contest was fun! :)


Firecracker! said...

If you don't have any...not a problem! I have to beg Moses later this summer! ;)

NASCAR Race Mom said...

I think I might be able to managed that - your profile does not have an email address - I will need that to email you the details.

What about our boy - didn't he do excellent in Texas! I am so proud.

Firecracker! said...

I'll bet you are!! I know he is excited about how the race went and how well his team did!! I was shocked to already get an e from him, Monday morning! It is great to see him sooo happy!! I told him I was proud, too!! He did exceptional!!

Here is e: firecracker.16@hotmail.com