Thursday, September 24, 2009

MSR Hosts Barbecue at the 2009 Runoffs

Moses Smith Racing (MSR) is excited and proud to aquire the manufacturing, sales, and support for the Standard Formula Mazda.

“This is an exciting new venture and has been a long time coming for us. The Standard Formula Mazda is the car that started my Professional Racing Career and since then I have driven many different types of race cars such as Pro Formula Mazda, Atlantic Championship, Indy pro Series, Koni Challenge and NASCAR, but my heart has always had a sweet spot for the Standard FM. I became a dealer for Star Mazda in 2004 not only to support the Standard FM, but to also put MSR in a position to one day hopefully take on the responsibility of building, maintaining, and supplying parts for the car, and being responsible for the car and class integrity. This has been a dream and goal for a long time, and I am very excited to see this come together!” (Quote by owner Moses Smith)

With these new changes MSR would also like to announce their new website at . This site contains news articles, results, photo galleries, a schedule of races and events that MSR will be attending.

Soon the site will be interactive allowing registered drivers and crew to add articles, update results, and submit photos. One of their goals is to have a Formula Mazda driver listing; therefore they will be requesting FM racers for info in the coming months.

Also on this new site is a link to the MSR newly revamped FM Online Parts Store. You can also follow Moses Smith Racing’s Formula Mazda’s efforts on facebook and twitter:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes that are taking place and/or anything else related to the Standard Formula Mazda, please do not hesitate to contact Moses:

Moses Smith Racing LLC
1302 W. 23rd Street #119
Tempe, AZ 85282
480.967.7278 tel
480.967.7358 fax

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