Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chase Elliott’s Quote
About Snowball Derby DQ

From Bob Dillner’s interview with Chase Elliott in regards to Chase's disqualification that stripped the win from the young racer. Seventeen-year-old Elliott is the son of racing legend William Clyde "Bill" Elliott. (read more from the Dillner/Elliott interview – click here)

A rule is a rule and we broke it

"Well, they are consistent. I am a little biased because of what happened to us. At the same time I
NASCAR Drivr - Chase Elliott "A rule is a rule and we broke it."
Chase Elliott in Victory Lane before
DQ - ( Photos)
respect what they did. It was our fault. It was a mistake on our end that should not have happened. That's something we have to accept and move forward with. Bottom line, it shouldn't have been there. I respect Ricky and the fact that he is consistent with what he does. They had a rule and they stuck to it. If it was us in second place and it was the (winning) car that had a piece of tungsten on it, then I would want things to be done fair. You have to put the shoe on the other foot. You have to look at not only Ricky Brooks, but Tim Bryant (Promoter, Five Flags Speedway). Their position is tough because had they let something like that slide, then it would have been a huge black eye on them. They have to be fair and consistent. A rule is a rule and we broke it." (Chase Elliott)

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