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Will Landauer Return To The NASCAR K&N Pro Series West?

Will Landauer Return To The NASCAR K&N Pro Series West?

Julia Finished Her 2016 #KNWest Season 4th in the Points

Will Landauer Return To The #NASCAR K&N Pro Series West?
Julia Landauer first experienced the thrill of racing in a go-kart at the age of 10 on a “very cold November day” at Oakland Valley Race Park, a track in Cuddebackville, New York, about two hours north of her home in Manhattan.

NASCAR Race Mom has featured her quite a bit on this blog in the last couple of months. However, since she captured the spotlight in her rookie season in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West in 2016, another post was in order.

Ms. Landauer’s fourth-place finish in the championship standings, was the best ever by a female in the K&N Pro Series - East or West. During the season, she finished second at Meridian Speedway - matching the best finish by a female in the K&N Pro Series. Although a rookie, Landauer turned in the performance of a veteran, with seven top-five and 13 top-10 finishes in 14 series starts. 

Will Landauer Return To The #NASCAR K&N Pro Series West?

Landauer is also a graduate of Stanford University, with a degree in Science, Technology and Society. She was also a cast member on the TV series "Survivor" in the season that aired in 2013. Her hobbies include: Exploring outdoors, jigsaw puzzles, painting, dancing. Her favorite sports include NASCAR & other auto racing.

Did you know that that at the young age of fourteen, Julia became the first female champion in the thirty-one year history of the Skip Barber Racing Series!

NBC Sports recently ask the racer, “What happened to the Formula One dream?”

Will Landauer Return To The #NASCAR K&N Pro Series West?Landauer: It was interesting because I started in road courses, won the Skip Barber championship, did Formula BMW. Then after that I had seen that one of my competitors in go-karts – we were both at a national Skip Barber race – we (had been) pretty equal in go-karts. Then the Skip Barber race was in the rain and he just smoked everybody and I was like ‘Why the hell did he smoke everybody? He didn’t get that much better since go-karting.’ Then I found out that he had done some oval racing and so originally I wanted to make my road course skills better by going out and doing oval racing for a little bit and getting that car control.

Then once I did that I kind of fell in love with oval racing. I think now it’s still the case in terms of technically driving a race track, I like road courses better, I think there’s a lot more to them in that sense. But when it comes to racing, head-to-head competition, it’s hard to beat oval racing and just being so close to all the cars all the time, there are only four corners so everything has to be perfect. Sometime it’s frustrating because I think the car needs to be that much more perfect in oval racing than road course racing. It was just a natural progression. But part of it also goes back to understanding as someone who is not a trust fund kid who is trying to build up a brand in racing, NASCAR is definitely a bigger market in the U.S.

While NASCAR Race Mom could not locate any confirmation that Ms. Landauer is to return to the K&N Pro Series; hopefully she will and capture that all important first win and mayhap a championship.

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