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Hailie Deegan Demonstrates Her Ability

Hailie Deegan Demonstrates Her Ability

Racer -  Hailie Rochelle Deegan

Hailie Rochelle Deegan started her career in NASCAR at the age of seventeen in 2018 while participating in the #NASCAR K&N Pro Series West. She managed to become the first female driver victorious in West Series races! She competed in the ARCA Menards Series West in 2018 and '19 for Bill McAnally, earning three victories.


She was the 2020 ARCA Menards Series Rookie of the Year, finishing third in the point standings and earned four top 5 and 17 top 10 finishes.


Hailie Deegan is currently in her rookie season in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, driving the No. 1 David Gilliland Racing Ford. She is seventeenth in the point standings and third in the Sunoco Rookie of the Year battle.


NASCAR Race Mom has been watching Ms. Deegan’s on-track progress over this short four years and must express personal fatigue of hearing that Hailie is a ‘good female racer.’ Hailie’s aggressive performance at Knoxville Raceway last night in the SRX Dirt race proved her talent period, irrespective of gender.


Knoxville Raceway SRX Podium



Of the three dirt track ringers employed to spice up the second SRX race, Hailie Deegan provided the best showing spotlighted by her determined last lap pass of Ernie Francis Jr. for a second-place podium finish.


“My goal coming into this race was to prove to everyone that I deserved to be here. I feel like we did that tonight, running second to Tony Stewart, that’s a huge accomplishment for me,” said Deegan, “I feel like we just ran a clean race, we just wrapped the bottom, stayed consistent, ran my line and finished second.”


Deegan, who is splitting her SRX ride with Tony Kanaan, will be back in the series one more time this season: The July 10 race at Slinger Speedway. NRM cannot wait.


Heat Race No. 1 (12 minutes, 23 laps):

Note: Starting lineup determined by random draw. 

  1. Tony Stewart (Started 1st; led laps 1-23)
  2. Marco Andretti (Started 2nd; completed 23/23 laps)
  3. Hailie Deegan (Started 4th; completed 23/23 laps) 
  4. Ernie Francis Jr. (Started 6th; completed 23/23 laps)
  5. Paul Tracy (Started 11th; completed 23/23 laps)
  6. Bill Elliott (Started 5th; completed 23/23 laps)
  7. Brian Brown (Started 3rd; completed 23/23 laps)
  8. Bobby Labonte (Started 10th; completed 23/23 laps)
  9. Helio Castroneves (Started 9th; completed 23/23 laps)
  10. Scott Bloomquist (Started 12th; completed 23/23 laps)
  11. Willy T. Ribbs (Started 7th; completed 23/23 laps)
  12. Michael Waltrip (Started 8th; completed 23/23 laps)


Heat Race No. 2 (12 minutes, 22 laps):

Note: Drivers’ finishing positions in Heat Race No. 1 were inverted for start of Heat Race No. 2. 

  1. Scott Bloomquist (Started 3rd; led laps 15-22) 
  2. Ernie Francis Jr. (Started 9th; completed 22/22 laps) 
  3. Michael Waltrip (Started 1st; completed 22/22 laps) 
  4. Tony Stewart (Started 12th; completed 22/22 laps) 
  5. Hailie Deegan (Started 10th; completed 22/22 laps)
  6. Bill Elliott (Started 7th; led laps completed 22/22 laps)
  7. Helio Castroneves (Started 4th; led laps 1-14; completed 22/22 laps)
  8. Brian Brown (Started 6th; completed 22/22 laps)
  9. Bobby Labonte (Started 5th; completed 22/22 laps)
  10. Marco Andretti (Started 11th; completed 22/22 laps)
  11. Willy T. Ribbs (Started 2nd; completed 22/22 laps)
  12. Paul Tracy (Started 8th; completed 22/22 laps)


Feature Results (50 laps):

Note: Starting lineup was based on average finishing positions in Heat Race Nos. 1-2. 

  1. Tony Stewart (Started 1st; led laps 1-13, 21-50)  
  2. Hailie Deegan (Started 3rd; completed 50/50 laps) 
  3. Ernie Francis Jr. (Started 2nd; completed 50/50 laps) 
  4. Helio Castroneves (Started 9th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  5. Michael Waltrip (Started 7th; led laps 14-20; completed 50/50 laps) 
  6. Bobby Labonte (Started 10th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  7. Marco Andretti (Started 6th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  8. Brian Brown (Started 8th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  9. Scott Bloomquist (Started 4th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  10. Willy T. Ribbs (Started 12th; completed 50/50 laps) 
  11. Bill Elliott (Started 5th; completed 39/50 laps) 
  12. Paul Tracy (Started 11th; completed 4/50 laps)


***Note: The Camping World SRX Series remains on dirt for a second straight week. The third event of the Camping World SRX Series’ six-race short-track schedule takes place June 26 at the legendary Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio.



Hailie’s Boy Friend racer Chase Cabre expressed it best:


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