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A Fast $640,000: 2022 NASCAR Daytona 500's Surprising Story of HEX

A Fast $640,000: 2022 NASCAR Daytona 500's Surprising Story of HEX

The Tweet That Called and The Community Who Answered: Record Setting Crypto Community Sponsors Record Setting Driver

A Fast $640,000: 2022 NASCAR Daytona 500's Surprising Story of HEX


Triple Crown Champion and 1 of just 2 drivers in USAC history to ever win all 3 national titles in a single season — JJ Yeley — recently announced his plans to run the Daytona 500 with sponsorship from the crypto community in partnership with Malco Enterprises, MBM Motorsports, and AXA Holdings.


In just 5 days over $640,000 was raised from the tweet that started it all:


"A friend of mine called me this week and asked if I knew a company who would sponsor a NASCAR team. I told her I didn't know a company but I knew a community." —Twitter @agapehex


Users of the blockchain's first certificate of deposit — — are building substantial wealth with its time deposit feature, called staking, returning an average 38% APY on top of underlying price performance. These returns have been consistent across 2020, 2021, and now into 2022, creating thousands of new millionaires. At time of writing HEX has over 77,000 users with active stakes of $12 billion. 



Driven by performance, HEX and JJ seem the perfect pair. During an interview last week on Twitter Spaces, JJ commented:


"My entire life has been built around racing. I graduated high school a year early just to get out and race." When asked what drives him, JJ replied: "It's the competition. This is what I do. This is what I love!"


Iron sharpens iron. Much the same as JJ set records in USAC, set records in cryptocurrency. With 24 USAC wins in the 2003 season, JJ broke the longstanding all time record of 19 set by AJ Foyt in '61, later tied by Sleepy Tripp '88 and Drake '00. HEX set records as well, launching as a finished product with 100% uptime and price performance that outpaces both Bitcoin and Ethereum from launch.


"I love all the donations and OG's who brought out big money but honestly it was the smaller guys who really tugged on my heart strings, telling me they are brand new but really want to contribute $100 or $200 dollars. To have brand new community members give up the opportunity cost to buy HEX and participate where they can — I don't think you find this anywhere else." —Twitter @MotleyInvestor


Last week's interview closed with a positive sendoff: "You've got the best community in crypto behind you — best of luck man!"


JJ replied: "I'm definitely excited about it! It's been a few years since they've sold out this early — everyone is so stoked and excited about getting to Daytona and checking out the new car and seeing really what's going to happen."


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