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NASCAR TV ‘Clash’ Ratings

#NASCAR TV ‘Clash’ Ratings

2024 Exhibition Race in Los Angeles Viewers Declining

#NASCAR TV ‘Clash’ Ratings (Denny Hamlin #Winner)


The Busch Clash is NASCAR’s pre-season race. It features all 36 charter cars on a 1/4-mile bullring oval built inside of the LA Coliseum. NASCAR’s Newest Villian, veteran driver, Denny Hamlin snagged the lead late, held off field in closing laps to win Busch Light Clash at the LA Coliseum.

Busch Clash TV Viewership Numbers

2024 Clash LA Coliseum

  • 1.511M
  • FS1

2023 Clash LA Coliseum

  •  3.647M
  • FOX

2022 Clash LA Coliseum

  •  4.283M
  • FOX

2021 Clash Daytona

  •  1.755M
  • FS1

2020 Clash Daytona

  •  2.455M
  • FS1

2019 Clash Daytona

  •  2.294M
  • FS1

2018 Clash Daytona

  • 2.255M
  • FS1

2017 Clash Daytona

  • 1.849M
  • FS1


The first Clash held at the LA Coliseum drew the most viewers with over four million watchers.  


It must be noted however, that this year's race was originally scheduled to run on both Saturday and Sunday with the main event taking place Sunday night. Extreme weather was heading into the area and the race was switched to a one-day event on Saturday at the last minute. This probably negatively affected the number of fans tuning in. 


Additionally, Sunday’s race was set to be shown on FOX. Due to the rescheduling, it was shown via FS1. At just over a million and a half viewers, the 2024 Clash recorded the lowest viewership.




source: MSN Sports Media

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