Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FLAT OUT: Dylan K Series Debuts

Las Vegas' Dylan Kwasniewski stars in a new docu-series on AOL On
that followed him on and off the track during his first season in
NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and his senior year in high school.

Original AOL On Docu-Series Premieres

The original, unscripted docu-series “Flat Out,” co-produced by NASCAR Productions and Vuguru, premiered Tuesday on AOL On. The series follows teenager Dylan Kwasniewski on his quest to become a top NASCAR driver while balancing family, friends and newfound celebrity as a high school senior.

All 10 episodes will launch on Tuesday at www.FlatOutDK.com.

All 10 episodes will launch on Tuesday at www.FlatOutDK.com. “Flat Out” is a product of the sanctioning body’s Los Angeles-based Entertainment Marketing Division. Led by NASCAR Vice President Zane Stoddard, NASCAR’s Entertainment Marketing Division is continually integrating NASCAR into mainstream pop culture in an effort to expand the sport’s reach to new fans.


Dylan Kwasniewski, a 17 year-old NASCAR prodigy, struggles to balance his racing schedule in North Carolina and end of his senior year of high school in Las Vegas. Every teenager's rite of passage, a senior prom, comes at a busy time for Dylan and he rushes to get everything finished for the big night.

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