Saturday, September 14, 2013

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from the K&N Pro Series West!

Bob Butcher's Facebook - 14 September 2013 08:15
A lap of practice this morning. To note this year is the huge dirt hills obstructing much of the 2.2 mile East course this year. The hills are built for the motorcycle events this year but certainly curtail fan view from grandstands as well as control tower plus the need for more spotters around the course for the drivers. The West course way down past the starter's stand is unchanged. Our old K&N course using both East &West courses at over 4 miles is affected also. — at Miller Motorsports Park.


Bob Butcher's Facebook 19 hours ago 
Thanks for at least half of the technical inspection line being under a huge tent today. Unfortunately the template part is out in the weather...sun one minute then pouring rain the next hour off and on. — at Miller Motorsports Park.

Larry Collie's Facebook 2 hours ago
Today's view

Kaye Reshaw's Facebook 2 hours ago
Well. We had a motor problem at the track . Guys are busy putting new one in. With Eric Holmes as the driver, we should be good!

Derek Thorn's Facebook 1 hour ago
Nothing like a cracked oil pan to get Robert Dornback and Mike Fisk excited about working on a Saturday. But on a high note we were fastest in practice.

Cameron Haley Motorsports' Facebook 5 minutes ago
Past tech with flying colors!

Gene Price Motorsports' Facebook 17 hours ago
Third team??

Micheal Self's Facebook Yesterday
Awesome day and half in Chicago with the NASCAR Next group. Jumping back on a plane to SLC to get ready to do some K&N West Road Racing tomorrow

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