Monday, February 16, 2009

Results from the “Cup Drivers Should Only Race Cup” Poll

This poll received a total of twenty-two (22) votes. The results surprised me. While the majority forty-five (45) percent of the voters agreed that the Sprint Cup Drivers should not be allowed to participate in Nationwide and Camping World Truck Serie events; the margins were much smaller that I had anticipated. Thirty-six (36) percent of the voters disagreed and nineteen (19) percent voiced no opinion.

Poll Results

I agree – 45%

I disagree – 36%

They bring more fans – 13%

They make the race more exciting to watch – 22%

They bring more media exposure to the race – 31%

They take away spots from the “up and coming’ drivers – 18%

They should not be allowed in the Nationwide or Truck Events – 4%

It’s ok for the rookies like Logano, but not the veterans – 22%

Votes were allowed in more than one category.

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