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Drive by Kelley Earnhardt Miller

Drive by Kelley Earnhardt Miller

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 9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life

Drive by Kelley Earnhardt Miller / 9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life

In Drive, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, daughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and sister to Dale Jr., opens up about growing up in the world of NASCAR, sharing the lessons she learned about being a successful business leader and what she discovered, often the hard way, about winning in life.

Kelley and brother Dale Jr. flank 2017 Xfinity Series Champion William Byron

Immediately I realized that what she had written was more than a detailed guide to success in business and in life. It was also a glimpse into the childhood that created some challenges for her. Frankly, I was surprised by Kelley’s honesty and transparency. But it filled me with pride and made me even more excited about what you, the reader, would learn. A sampling of the book’s forward by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Drive offers nine important lessons learned about winning in business and in life, given not as a formula for greatness but as insight from a fellow traveler on a journey that is sometimes difficult, painful, unexpected, or confusing and sometimes exhilarating and joyful: 
  • • Be Authentic and Approachable 
  • • Manage Your Emotions 
  • • Succeed Using Strengths 
  • • Let Go to Move Forward 
  • • Customize Your Communication 
  • • Know How to Make Decisions 
  • • Aim for the Win-Win • Show Kindness 
  • • Live a Balanced Life 

This writer found Drive a very easy and enjoyable read. The fact that it proved inspirational in both one’s personal and business identities was a terrific bonus.

Now as a NASCAR Nut, Ms. Earnhardt Miller’s insight into the persona of her father, the legendary ‘#3 Intimidator’ (Dale Earnhardt Sr.) was priceless to me.

Further, NRM is still in awe at Kelley’s ability to describe the negative segment of her relationship with her stepmother without uttering derogatory words; a talent I will struggle to attain.

In this especially challenging time (Covid-19 Crisis), NASCAR fan or not, readers will benefit from this book’s Win-Win way of life. You are bound to discover how to make better decisions in all your undertakings.

Kelley Earnhardt Miller

My advice during the COVID 19 crisis for NASCAR business and families is to first stay home to stay healthy. I will admit the first week being home during this crisis was extremely emotional for me. The fears of the unknown certainly got the best of me.

After a few weeks with more and more information coming together, finding ways to do business virtually and still accomplish what we need to accomplish and spending time with my family has given me new perspective on how we can get through this. It takes self-talk and patience, which are hard to come by as an Earnhardt, but everyday a little more comfort comes.

For our business, staying in touch with our management groups and our employee base has been key. They need to hear from me, from their supervisors so that we maintain a sense of normal communication and that they aren’t forgotten during these tough times. It’s so easy to see people at your place of work and feel that’s enough, but when you aren’t seeing them, we need to talk to them.

We’ve kept weekly updates by email to our employees and a text group of managers to help communicate information. Being transparent with where we are and what we are working on to help them through these tough times and sustain our business until we get back racing. Meanwhile, our employees can enjoy the time with their families which is something they don’t get during our hectic race schedule throughout the year!

About the Author

Kelley Earnhardt Miller is part owner and general manager of JR Motorsports and is considered one of the most prominent businesswomen in NASCAR today. She oversees the company’s race team, management team, and business ventures for her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The daughter of seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, Earnhardt Miller graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in business administration. A multiple-award recipient, she was named in 2015 as one of SportsBusiness Journal’s Game Changers/Women in Sports Business for her impact on the motorsports industry. Kelley is married to L.W. Miller and is mom to Karsyn, Kennedy, and Wyatt.

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