Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Race Fan's Guide to Enjoying the Food City Dirt Race Weekend

Race Fan's Guide to Enjoying the Food City Dirt Race Weekend

Be Prepared to Get Dirty

Race Fan's Guide to Enjoying the Food City Dirt Race Weekend #NASCAR



After a half-century absence from dirt, NASCAR’s top tour returns to its roots this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.


At last week’s Karl Kustoms Bristol Dirt Nationals, race fans were treated to a variety of late models and modifieds banging and bumping on a red clay mosaic atop the traditional .533-mile concrete surface—three months in the making.


Kyle Larson, the most accomplished dirt racer on the Cup tour, tested the conditions during the Super Late Model contests at Bristol last weekend.


“The track is fun,” Larson said following his second-place finish on Friday. “It’s got some bumps and characteristics that helped the groove open up a little bit. It’s definitely cool.” 



Now, the wait is almost over for the most anticipated event on the 2021 NASCAR calendar—the Food City Dirt Race.


While no one knows quite what to expect this weekend, a little preparation can go a long way in making the experience memorable.


As stock cars get ready to play in the Bluff City clay at the Last Great Colosseum, the uninitiated dirt fan can take a page from the competitors’ playbook. When the dirt starts flying, no surface is safe. Just as the race teams will take precautions to protect components—and drivers—from an inordinate amount of dust, spectators must do the same.


In addition to the traditional creature comforts hauled to the track like ear protection, seat cushions, blankets and sunscreen, dirt fans know a good set of goggles or sunglasses goes a long way toward not missing any of the action.


Bring a clean sock or stocking to use as a filter for your beverage in case there’s no lid. And speaking of lids, a good hat, cap or hoodie will keep chunks of mud from flying into your hair or ears. Comfortable boots are also a good idea—particularly should there be any weather issues. Packs of sanitizing wipes and Swiffer dust pads are great for cleaning scanners, cell phones and seat cushions.


Also remember, it’s still a Sullivan County mandate to wear a mask, but once you get to your seat you can remove it. However, with all the dust and dirt flying you may find it beneficial to keep it out of your mouth and nose.


Mama probably told you never to wear white before Memorial Day, but white clothes at a dirt track is never a good idea. Wear comfortable clothes that you are ok getting dirty. This rule goes for shoes too. We highly encourage you not to wear your brand new pair of white Air Force Ones.


The general rule is at a dirt track, it gets, ….well, dirty! Your seat will be a little dustier than usual. Some folks opt to bring a hand towel to wipe off their seat, hands and face. While other folks enjoy it as part of the full experience – sometimes it’s just a fun time to get dirty!




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