Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Bubba Wallace Apologizes?

Bubba Wallace Apologizes?

Still not Lifting

Bubba Wallace Apologizes?  #NASCAR Still not Lifting


Bubba Wallace issued a statement through his social media accounts Monday night, apologizing for his actions at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race.


To this writer it appeared more like an excuse of his passion; however, check out the tweet below and decide for yourself.


It is NASCAR Race Mom’s sincere hope that corrective action on the part of the sanctioning body will assist Mr. Wallace in learning from this on track tantrum. It might have been nice if the driver of the #45 McDonald's Toyota expressed any concern in regards to Kyle Larson and his team in the interim.


Click here to read more details regarding the Wallace/Larson Las Vegas Motor Speedway incident. 


source Bubba Wallace Twitter

source: NASCAR Media

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