Monday, February 6, 2023

Bubba Wallace Retaliates (Again)

Bubba Wallace Retaliates (Again)

Wallace & Austin Dillon With Ten Laps to Go

#NASCAR - Bubba Wallace Retaliates (Again)


On Sunday, NASCAR unloaded in Los Angeles, California. The 1/4-mile bullring inside the Los Angeles Coliseum brought drama to stock car racing.


Bubba Wallace (#23) and Austin Dillon (#3) found themselves jostling for position often, routinely going back and forth at the front of the pack.


With 10 laps to go, Austin Dillon was in second with Bubba Wallace in third. Race leader and eventual winner, Martin Truex Jr (#19) picked the inside lane for a restart, as did Dillon. Bubba Wallace elected for the front row, outside.


As you can see in the video below: Dillion rear-ended Wallace, spinning the No. 23 car out.


The 23XI Racing driver made sure to make his feelings known on the track as well, steering his vehicle into Dillon's before the restart.


"The No. 3 just never tried to make a corner, he just always would run into my left rear," Wallace said. "I got run into the fence by him down the straightaway on that restart, so I gave him a shot. And then we get dumped. It sucks."


"I chose the restart there behind Martin (Truex Jr.) thinking that if we could get off (Turn) 2, then I could just race," Dillon said. "But it just doesn't go that way. You're just getting beat. . . . He was probably pretty frustrated at that point."


It is interesting to note that ahead of the 2023 season, NASCAR announced new rules for on-track altercations. The response likely stems following the incident between Kyle Larson and Bubba Wallace. Luckily this incident was not as ferocious.


So what is your opinion? Justified retaliation or an uncontrolled on-track tantrum? Good for the Sport or an embarrassment?



source: NASCAR Media

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