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Kevin Harvick’s Fox Sports Debut

Kevin Harvick’s Fox Sports Debut

He was a Hit – Yeah or Nay

Kevin Harvick’s Fox Sports Debut (#NASCAR #FoxSports)


Kevin Harvick made his debut on Fox Sports as an analystpost his retirement after the 2023 NASCAR season at #NASCAR’s Busch Light Clash of 2024 .


For the first time since 1995, when he made a pair of starts in the Craftsman Truck Series, Kevin Harvick hasn’t spent his offseason preparing to compete in NASCAR.


But as he transitions full time into life in the broadcast booth, that of the Fox variety, he insists not much about his offseason has changed.


“It doesn’t really feel any different to me,” Harvick reported. “I always work and that’s what I explain to people; we retired from driving, not from working.


“I approach everything very similarly to the way I would’ve approached it with a race team. The only thing different I won’t be doing is physically getting in the racecar to drive it.”


How did Kevin do?  Well, according to X - really well for a broadcast rookie.


And Last but not Least – a poll from DeLana (Kevin’s Wife)


Kevin Harvick’s Fox Sports Debut (#NASCAR #FoxSports)


“Television was always very interesting,” Harvick said. “I’ve always had a great relationship with everybody from Fox since we started.


“Being able to be in the booth and do the things we did, it’s something that gave me a lot of experience and comfort in being able to say, ‘Hey, I can do this. It’ll be something I can enjoy.’ I look at it like watching a race with your buddies and trying to entertain the people watching and listening.”


So how did Kevin do? To be honest with you, NASCAR Race Mom missed it due to caring for a sick husband and my television failing to record the event.. However, as NRM scrolls through the X-verse (formerly Twitter) – It looks like the 'Closer' will be a champion up in the booth this season!


If you watched the show – leave a comment regarding your opinion about Kevin Harvick’s Television Debut - Yeah or Nay?.



source: New-Journal Media

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