Friday, November 2, 2012

On the Dew Crew with Dale Jr.

As a Mountain Dew Insider, and in the top ten of the “Dew Crew,” NASCAR Race Mom was invited to participate in an exclusive virtual press conference (via Google+ Hangout) with NASCAR Chase Driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 

Dew Crew Google+ Hangout with NASCAR Driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
 If you are like me, you probably do not know much about the free Google+ Hangout Feature. However, it is much like Skype in a conference call format. Google+ Hangout is very intuitive and user friendly. 

My five fellow invited “influencers” and myself were allowed to ask two or three questions. I was amazed at how congenial Dale Jr. was and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Mr. Earnhardt Jr. made me feel very welcomed and valued! 

With the assist of my readers, NASCAR Race Mom picked two questions to ask the nine-time, NASCAR Sprint Cup Most Popular Driver: 


Question One: 

NASCAR Race Mom: Do you feel that your popularity with the fans carries its own set of responsibilities? 

Dale Jr.: Yeah absolutely. I guess I’m always cognizant of the decisions I make, what I say, how I react because I know that it has repercussions whether good or bad, and I have to represent not only myself but the sponsors that we have, the guys that work on my car, everything that you do is a reflection of everything around you and I don’t want to upset my sponsors, I don’t want to embarrass the guys that work on my team and are trying to help me, I don’t want to upset my mother. You think about all those things when you’re out there working and doing what you’re trying to do, and the fans are willing to support you and they’ll go through thick and thin to stand by your side and they’ll argue with their coworkers and argue with their other family members about your abilities and your talent and all that stuff, and so you want to do things that make them proud and you don’t want to do anything that goes against what they believe, and sort of, you don’t want to insult their intelligence or do anything that’s going to upset them in any way. So yeah I’m really cognizant of that and I think it’s important that you are aware of what you’re doing, and know that everything you say and do has repercussions and you have to be smart about that.

For Question Two, click here to go to the Kids of NASCAR blog. 

A complete video of the event should be available soon.

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