Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jeff Gordon's Children's Raffle Ends 11/20/2013

Join NASCAR Race Mom and help the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation.

Tickets Remaining: 269*

*As of Nov 16, 11:15am/ET
It is my goal that all children, both in the U.S. and abroad, will never have to worry about the threat of cancer or devastating late effects caused by cancer treatment. Thanks to the generosity and compassion of our dedicated donors and partners, together we WILL one day reach the finish line. - Jeff Gordon

With your help, we can take strides toward providing the needed funding for childhood cancer research and treatment. Jackson Panzarello's fight against the disease motivated and inspired me to make a difference. Not a day goes by where Jackson's memory isn't guiding, inspriring, and urging me to always Fight On. He was just 10 years old when he passed away last year, but his continuing legacy is the incredible difference we've made for research and treatment.

Enter the November 20 raffle drawings with all proceeds benefiting The Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation for childhood cancer research and treatment. Tickets: $6/each. Limited to 500 tickets.

Raffle prize winners will drawn by Mandi Shoopman, 14, who has battled retinoblastoma


*They now only have 259 tickets remaining - because NASCAR Race Mom just bought her ten tickets! (Check out the Second Prize - Super Cool Jacket)

*2. 2001 JG Championship Jacket (size:M) - With original tags. New/never worn condition
*Note: The drawing for the jacket is available to U.S. addresses only.  Jacket pic 1 | Jacket pic 2 | Jacket pic 3

 3. 2012 JG Children's Foundation Gingerbread 1:24 scale diecast

 4. 2005 Jeff Gordon Halston Z-14 bag

 5. 1999 Superman 1:64 diecast, Hendrick Marrow wristband

 6. 1997 Chroma Permier 1:64 diecast, NASCAR 50th anniv pin (1998)

 7. Winner's Circle - 1995 championship, 1999 Pepsi 1:64 diecast

 8. 1996 DuPont hauler, 1999 Star Wars 1:24 scale diecast

 9. 2005 JG Daytona picture, 1998 JG diecast, 1999 JG diecast/stats book

10. Three Jeff Gordon Christmas ornaments (1997, 2001, 2003)

11. Ricky Hendrick hero card (1999)

12. Special JG mystery package! (from the 1990's)

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