Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are NASCAR Penalties Too Inconsistent?

NASCAR Race Mom waited a while after hearing the penalties handed down from the “top of the NASCAR tower” yesterday regarding on track retaliation between two separate set of drivers, Matt Kenseth vs Joey Logano and Danica Patrick vs David Gilliland.

Are #NASCAR Penalties Too Inconsistent?

The inconsistency in the penalties sadden me. Matt received a two race suspension, while Danica was merely fined and docked points.

NASCAR appears to advocate the drama with their “boys have at it” proclamation. Therefore, the lack of strong leadership with a clear set of rule causes me concern for the sport I love.

I believe Rick Craven from ESPN explains my feelings best.

Joe Gibbs Racing has appealed NASCAR’s ruling. In a statement the team said:

The appeal will challenge the severity of the penalty which is believed to be inconsistent with previous penalties for similar on-track incidents. There will be no further comments from JGR personnel during the appeal process.

There is that word again . . . inconsistent. NASCAR had to do something; but did they go too far?

JGR’s appeal will be expedited, meaning Kenseth’s case will be heard by a three-person panel this week before Sunday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway. If he loses, he can make a plea to Final Appeals Officer Bryan Moss.

This NASCAR fan will wait to see if the governing body can make some sense of this senseless situation.

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