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My #NASCAR Experience at Richmond International Raceway

My #NASCAR Experience at Richmond International Raceway Guest Post by Myers Racing Photography


* Richmond International Raceway 3/4 mile D – Shaped Asphalt Track with a Capacity of 71,00 located in Richmond VA *

Hello guys sorry it took me a while to get this posted but do I have a Wonderful Blog for you. As y’all may know on September 10th 2016 I attended my first Nascar race ever and this blog is to tell you about the experience I had while I was there lets just say it was pretty much the best day of my life LOL I am not kidding it is one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do so let me tell you about one of the best days of my life.

I had been given two hot passes for this race which gave me access to pits & garage area and I had no idea what to expect I was so nervous knowing I was going to be around the some of the coolest people in Nascar including Drivers, Reporters etc. in the top series of Nascar.

Saturday Morning Sept 10th, 2016

Saturday morning we all woke up @6:00am as soon as I wake up I feel all nausea and absolutely did not feel good at this point I thought let me get up and moving and it will go away but that was the problem this feeling didn’t go away at that point I realized it was my nerves getting the best of me. I could barely move without feeling like I wanted to throw up. I slowly sipped on a bottle of water and put in piece of mint gum to try to ease the neusea feeling it helped just enough for me to get ready and headed toward the track. Before we headed to the track we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and I couldn’t even drink that I think I took one sip and I threw it away once we got to the track, that’s how nervous I was. Once we got to the track and got parked and we got out and we used the restroom did that nervous feeling start to go way.

Pulling up to the Track was so exciting for me It was so hard to believe that I was finally there I was pretty much one of they happiest girls on earth at the moment but at that point I had no idea what was in store for the rest of the day. We started out on the Aventure of finding the Nascar credentials trailer to get our Hot passes. After being confused we asked for help and the wonderful Guest Services at RIR took us to where we needed to be once we got there we had to fill out amd sign a form for registration to get the hot passes. Once we got everything filled out and was ready to go we found out that we couldn’t get our passes untill 12:30 but the ended up opening earlier because there were a lot of people waiting. As we were standing in line the realization started to kick in that this was happening and it was the most awesome feeling to be standing in line at the Nascar Trailer waiting to get hot passes.

Saturday Afternoon September 10th , 2016

After we got out Hot passes we wandered around the midway and checked out the huge fanatics Tent and then got some lunch waiting on the track to open. After lunch we met up with on of my Nascar Friends from online and then Headed Down to Grid Side Live where different drivers made appearance in front of the fans down on the track wich was pretty awesome to be standing on the Racetrack. As we headed in they handed us Nascar Sprint Cup Sweat Towel man did I need that because it was super hot out.

After hanging down on the track for Grid Side Live my Nascar Friend took us down to Pit road and Garage area as he has had this access before and so he gave us a tour of Pit road. We then eventually ended up at the hauler of Jeffrey Earnhardt and the GoFas Racing Team. Where we met the owner of GoFas Racing son Mason St. Hilaire. We than just stood outside of the Hauler for a bit and when I wasn’t paying attention Jeffrey came out behind me for me to turn around and see him I was like holy crap I am so nervous and he said why you so nervous LOL. In my head I was like because you are Jeffrey Earnhardt that’s why and I was nervous to meet someone I admire so much. I am a fan I will always be there to support him each week no matter what team he is with or how he does in each races, plus he kind a gots me also because he is pretty darn good-looking to but that is such a bonus. I am glad that I can be there to watch him succeed and grow its good to see that for a person who has so much passion for the sport and I can’t wait for the day when he is getting top 10 finishes or even winning races that will be a day I will never forget. I also got to meet Teresa and Tom Keen which if it wasn’t for them I would have never had this experience and words can’t describe how thankful I am for they opportunity they gave me. They are a Sponser of Jeffreys and own a Company called Keen Parts you should defiantly check them out they are great people and I am glad to know them and have them as friends.




Saturday Evening September 10th, 2016

Other than meeting the person I admire the most Jeffrey Earnhardt which he got a lot of Good Luck hugs LOL I am not kidding he did. There were some other amazing things that happened. I got the honr of standing with the crew on pit road at the car before the race started. At that the point I thought that we were going to have to leave and go back behind the pit wall but that wasn’t the case we go to stand on Pit Road for the Pre- Race ceremonies. All of a sudden I heard line up and I was like holy crap what is happening so I got in line then one of the crew members shouted you can stand by Jeffrey so I did and man was my heart pounding. This was so exciting standing next to Jeffrey and his crew during the Pre – Race Cermonies it was such an awesome experience.

After Pre – Race Cermonies we headed back to the pit box because that’s where we planned on staying for the race, we got there and we were told that we can sit in the Pit Box for the race man was this an awesome experiance. They had scanners so we could listen to Wally Rogers the Crew Chief talk to Jeffrey during the Race.Man was it aweome watching the first round of pit stops exciting.We has the best view coming from the person who has only seen a pit stop on TV. At one point during the race I felt someone tap me on the shoulder it was one of the Crew Members he had handed me some Lugnuts of Jeffreys car. So I had the experiance of a life time and trust me I could probably go on and on but I think this is a good stopping point.





There is one last thing I want to tell you. after the race was over we headed back to Jeffreys Hauler to Congratulate him you wanna know why because he hand gotten his Career Best finish in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series P27 and he had led the first two laps under the first caution when I found that out I knew before I left I had to congratulate him I even got hug and I said I knew I was a good Luck Charm and it looks like all those good luck hugs paid off.

P.S I would like to Thank everyone who made this Possible it was a dream come true and I am so fortunate to know such great people and I can’t thank you all enough for giving me this opportunity hopefully I can come hangout with you guys again and Thank You So Much for not only being my friend but being part of my Nascar & racing Family !!!

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