Saturday, October 27, 2018

Thoughts from the #NCWTS Pole Winner - Todd Gilliland

Thoughts from the #NCWTS Pole Winner - Todd Gilliland

Thoughts from the #NCWTS Pole Winner - Todd Gilliland #NASCAR


Todd Gilliland, Driver Q&A

After going to so many new tracks this year, does it give you more confidence going to Martinsville where you have two starts?

“Yeah, I think it definitely builds a lot of confidence in me, as well as my team. We were really fast there in the springtime and we’re going back with a different motor. I feel like all these race tracks that we’re going back to for the second time, it’s going to be a big advantage for us.”

What is the most challenging aspect of racing at Martinsville?

“I think just staying calm the whole race. At some point you are going to get moved out of the way, and at some point you are going to move someone out of the way, so it’s just about remembering what you just did to someone 10 laps before. You just have to keep your composure the whole race. It goes by pretty fast as the laps click off, but it’s still really long so it’s just about staying calm.”

How is your new puppy, Winston, doing since adopting him during the Talladega weekend and bringing him home?

“He’s really good. He’s just hanging out at our house all the time. He’s been at the shop a few times. He’s playing with our other dog, Bandit. We weren’t sure how they would be together, but they are best buds already.”

Thoughts from the #NCWTS Pole Winner - Todd Gilliland #NASCAR

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