Saturday, September 21, 2019

Petty Tells The Younger Busch to Get over Himself

Petty Tells The Younger Busch to Get over Himself

Kyle to Kyle

Kyle Petty with his father Richard, the King of #NASCAR
Kyle Petty with his father Richard, the King of NASCAR
Just in case you did not know, Kyle Petty is an ex-NASCAR driver, now sports analyst for NBC. He can boast of eight Cup wins during his almost thirty-year career.

Therefore, NASCAR Race Mom was very pleaseD when this expert expressed his opinion regard Kyle Busch’s shenanigans and negative behavior after a recent racing incident.

Look I know he is mad, and you can defend him all you want to, because I think he is one of the greatest race car driver ever to set his rear-end in a race car and hang on to a steering wheel. I think history will show that; he shows that weekly . . . . .but at the same time, I think that carrying and doing interviews, like we just saw and we saw last week is a disrespect to the sport, is a disrespect to the media and is a disrespect to the fans. I’m sorry, but you know that when you crash, somebody is going to be standing in your face with a microphone. Its been that way since the time you got into a truck and went to Xfinity and got in Cup. Get over yourself, get over it and get in the car and do your job . . . . you got sponsors, you got fans. There’re little kids out there that look up to you and you’re an example, whether you want to be or not.

Kyle Busch has fifty-five Cup wins – definitely bound for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. NRM hopes that he can develop enough to respect the sport that accolades him.

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Unknown said...

Mr. Petty, I've been saying that for years. Why is it when anyone else acts like a child they get fined? But he can disrespect our sport week in and week out and not a darn thing gets done ??

Anonymous said...

Geesh. Give him a break. Ask him questions but does he need a microphone shoved in he face asking the same old crap all the time?? give the guy a break. He is going down in the history of Nascar as one of or probably the best driver ever.!!!

Jokerpug said...

I'm sure Kyle Busch knows that the media is going to stick that mic in his face but also the media does always ask the most stupidous questions to kyle and I do believe they do it on purpose to get him going and mr petty when YOU can race half as good as KYLE Busch does then maybe just maybe you would have the right to say what you did, and guess whatt you're just as bad as a announcer as you were a racer. and kyles only tells the truth and nascar knows it and I have never heard kyle disrespect the sport he just tells it like it is and nascar allows it because it keeps people like you watching lol

Unknown said...

I agree with Jokerpug, who the hell does Petty think he is to judge Kyle, he should shut the f... up and go do his job like he tells one of the best drivers in Nascar history to do.

StrongArm said...


Psimpson said...

He thinks he is special and can do what he wants. His boss needs to put him in his place because every other driver out there gets a mic stuck in their faces when something goes wrong and for the most part they are respectful to the media.He is just a jerk. If he bumps somebody and causes a problem he says that is just racing, but if somebody does it to him he acts like a 3 year old. Someone needs to bring him down off the pedestal he has put himself on.

Unknown said...

I root for Kyle every race. Hes my boy. I've seen plenty of drivers "whine",hes not the first or the last. Ive seen Earnhardt Sr. (And he was my driver for years) Do the same thing. The worst was Rusty Wallace. Ya dont see it cause you gotta single out one and jump on the band wagon whether your a fan of his or not.THEYVE ALL WHINED AT ONE TIME. So why dont all you haters just back up your haulers and get off the kids a**. #

Fed Up with NASCAR said...

Maybe if NASCAR or its lapdog media members ever did anything worthy of respect, I would agree with Kyle Busch's critics. But since all NASCAR does is lie and destroy the sport with every change they make and media shills fail to call them on it, they don't deserve the respect of the drivers or the fans. It's not Rowdy who is hurting the fans, it is the stupidity of NASCAR and the media. This "NASCAR Race Mom" is not even competent to post an opinion, nor is Kyle Petty, the original "Silver Spoon Kid." The sport is circling the drain and all you idiots can do is whine about the most passionate driver left in the sport.