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New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future

Fastest Car in Class with the Highest Safety Standards

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR


Just like his name’s sake ***Moses (Smith) has spent forty years in his marathon journey refining his craft. His love for racing sprinted into action at age three, when he would accompany his father Paul to work in the garage of off-road racer Malcolm Vinje. This beginning of his racing education included the Vinje’s team win of the 1983 Baja International Class 5.


As soon as was allowed, Moses joined the San Diego Karting Association and competed in the go-karting circuit. As a youngster, he garnished moderate success. Nevertheless, from there, Moses has worked relentlessly to set himself apart from the rest.


After graduating from high school, in Escondido California, Moses tackled the task of mastering his art with a tenuousness forged in passion. Rather than relying on funds from friends and family, Moses took any and all employment he could find that could be considered sport related.


Moses' resume includes driving instructor (Jim Hall Racing Schools; Bob Bondurant School of High Performance; Skip Barber Racing School); Crew Chief for a Star Mazda Pro Team; Test Driver for Star Mountain Racing; Crew Chief for a USAC Midget Team; Fabricator for Stewart Racing Products; and Mechanic for Team Medlin.


The year 2002 was Moses' first full year in the Star Mazda arena. That year he amassed an impressive scorecard. In the thirteen races, Moses managed to take six pole positions, with five first-place finishes, four second-place finishes, two fourth-place finishes, and a fifth place.


Always looking to expand his knowledge base, Moses entered the NASCAR scene in 2006. Besides an impressive on track showing which included a third-place finish in the 2011 Season points standing; Moses was voted the K&N Pro Series West Most Popular Driver four years in a row. (2008-2011)


While keeping up with his full-time NASCAR race schedule, Moses morphed into the role of race car manufacturer for the original Formula Mazda FM rotary-powered race cars in September of 2009.


The FM is an open wheel race car which is adaptable to both oval tracks and road courses. Moses Smith Racing, LLC. (MSR) took over all support and manufacturing rights for the approximately 300 FM rotary-powered race cars in use across North America, as well as the MSR sports racer, a full-bodied version of the FM.


Moses’ facility houses racecar manufacturing and parts supply under the Formula Mazda  Banner. Texas Autosports,  is a full-service Formula Mazda Racecar prep shop located at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX. It is essentially the one-stop shop for Formula Mazda Racing, operating out of an 10,000 square foot facility at what is affectionately dubbed 'The Ranch'.


Not one to be satisfied with the status quo, during the pandemic, the driving suit came off as Moses transformed from the role of car manufacturer to race car research and development. Using all his years of experience and involvement in the different styles of race venues, Smith designed and constructed a vehicle that will be the fastest Formula Car in its Class! This new beauty is named the Formula Mazda FMzR.


Whether you are new to racing or a seasoned veteran, the FMzR will impress you.


Moses Smith #FMzR

“We rebuilt Formula Mazda from the ground up to create the best formula racecar,” Moses reported.


“The new FMzR is the fastest car in class with the highest safety standards, is easy to set up and affordable to race and maintain.”



Formula Mazda Car Specs

Engine - 208 hp , 2.0 liter Mazda MzR, fuel injected with dry sump 

Gearbox - SADEV SL82 - 6 speed (plus reverse) sequential gearbox fitted with optimized FMzR specific gear ratios, paddle actuated 

Chassis - DOM Steel Tube Frame with integral roll cage structure 

Body & Aero - Fiberglass IndyCar Style Body Work, Kevlar infused side panels, Adjustable front & rear wings. 

Suspension - Double A-Arm suspension, pushrod actuated Penske Shocks, Chassis adjustments limited to ride height, camber, toe, and anti-roll bar 

Brakes - 4 piston calipers with vented discs, in-cockpit driver adjustable brake bias. 

Data Acquisition - F1 style - AiM Formula Steering Wheel w/ Paddle Integration 

Safety - SFI 6 point safety harness, SFI fire extinguisher system (IndyCar standard), Safety Regulations involving driver fitment are easily accommodated for an extensive range of driver sizes 

Wheels - OZ Racing one-piece aluminum wheels. 

Transponder - MyLaps Transponder w/ 1yr subscription. 

Tires - they include your first set!


The FMzR will not be replacing the standard FM but will augment the class and bring it forward into the future. The production line has started, and the first five FMzR Car Builds should begin delivery in the coming months; with the first car batch to be delivered before the end of the year! Of the first batch of twenty-five FMzRs – twenty-one have been sold! (Current price is guaranteed through the first batch or December 31 2022.)




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New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR

New FMzR is Bringing the FM Class into the Future #FMzR



***This writer is aware that Mother’s Day is months away, however, this mom is going to take a moment to brag. As some of you know, NASCAR Race Mom has a son who races. However, a little-known fact is that my son Moses Smith (Racing) has been the manufacturer of an open wheel race car since 2009 and has now created the new Formula Mazda FMzR.  It is the fastest car in class with the highest safety standards.


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