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Cole Custer-Unfair Championship Advantage?

Cole Custer-Unfair Championship Advantage?

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Cole Custer-Unfair #NASCAR Xfinity Advantage?


Is it just me, admittedly a NASCAR Nut, or did the 2023 NASCAR Xfinity champion have an unfair advantage during Saturday’s Season Finale at Phoenix Raceway?


Of the four championship contenders Custer, Justin Allgaier, Sam Mayer, and John Hunter Nemechek, only Cole Custer had the opportunity to spend a little extra time on the 1-mile, low-banked tri-oval racetrack located in Avondale, Arizona.


What happened, you ask?


#NASCAR Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski


Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski, pilot of the No. 6 Ford Mustang for RFK Racing, a team he co-owns, had to leave the track to fly home to join wife Paige for the birth of their baby boy.


While the new #BoyDad was able to fly back and participate in Sunday’s Cup race, he was not there to qualify his car. Cole Custer stepped in and took over those duties for his fellow Ford driver.


Now in my mind, such as it is, that gives Custer a better look at the track and current track conditions than his other three championship competitors. With today’s limited practice, every second on the track reaps huge benefits.


Conversely, you must keep in mind that a Cup car and a Xfinity car are totally different. The Cup Series cars have a five-inch longer wheelbase than the Xfinity Series cars (105” compared to 100”), which makes a major difference to every other aspect of the car, from the crash structures and aerodynamic packages to the sizes of engines used.


Nevertheless, this NASCAR fan cannot help but wonder if qualifying Keselowski’s Cup car gave our newly crowned 2023 NASCAR Xfinity series champion a slight unjust advantage. Mayhaps not; however, could the 'powers to be' not have picked another Ford driver to step in for the ‘FMLing' Keselowski to avoid any such implication during such an important race?


If I was one of the other three Championship Contenders, especially Allgaier who finished third in the race and second in the championship, I think I would have posed that question of fairness before the green flag flew.


With all that being said, congratulations to Cole on his first Xfinity Championship. Additionally, congratulations to Brad on his entry into #BoyDad adventures! Both are going to fare well in their new roles.


source: NASCAR Race Mom’s Opinion

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