Thursday, March 12, 2009

NASCAR Camping World Series West - Fantasy Racing Game

RacingWest Fantasy Racing Game

There is no better way to get involved and familiar with the Camping World Series West, one of NASCAR's Top Developmental Series, than to participate in a Fantasy Racing Game. This innovative fantasy racing game brings together the excitement of driver selections and the satisfaction of strategizing. You will accumulate points based on your NASCAR Camping World Series West Drivers' real-life performance. The best thing about this game is that it is easy to play!

Before each race the player (you) will be allotted $200,000 fantasy dollars each. A player will use his/her money to "hire" 5 drivers to compete for them in the next upcoming event, without exceeding the $200,000 budget. Each player must select exactly 5 drivers. You may spend up to $200,000, but you do not necessarily need to spend every dollar.

Driver prices are value based on his/her actual performance over the last 5 events. Drivers who have competed in fewer than 5 events in the select series, will have his/her performance averaged based on what is available. If a driver has never competed in the series before, than that driver will be in the lowest price tier. Driver prices will change throughout the season, depending on the individual performance, as well as the performance of the rest of the field. Drivers who have not competed in the series within the past 2 years will also get a performance penalty, severity depends on the number of years out of the series.

Moses Smith #16Each player must make your selections for each event before noon the day of qualifying. After each event, your driver selections are cleared out and the player is allotted another $200,000 dollars for the next event. Each player may make as many driver changes as they wish, before the selection close at noon the day of qualifying.

There is no cost to play any of RacingWest's fantasy racing games; just click here. {You will need to register.} Pick/Change Drivers; see Other Player Picks or review the Game Rules. If you want to see my pick for the upcoming season opener in Kyle, Texas, just scroll to the bottom of the player picks page to locate my username - zwriter. Can you guess who I picked as my favorite driver?

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