Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Send NASCAR Race Mom to NYC
for the Premiere of MOTHERHOOD

NASCAR Race Mom is in the running to win a trip to New York City for the Premiere of Motherhood. What could be better than to have a NASCAR Mom represent NASCAR at the premiere of this Uma Thurman movie.

However, NRM needs your help. This is a very short voting contest; with only three days left. It is an easy vote:

Please go to:

You will need to login and vote.

The essay is entitled "Oma's Love, Security and Warmth" by z. Smith

Thank you very much for the support and help. NASCAR Race Mom is currently in second place. Should NRM win this contest, NASCAR Race Mom Goes to NYC for the Premiere of MOTHERHOOD will be blogged live!

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the monkeys' mama said...

Hi! I just wanted to say "good race" on the contest. My twin was the winner but you had us all VERY worried and nervous.

We kept seeing your twitter updates and Retweets and we know your fan base is huge. As a private twitterer with 1% of your follower base, we knew there was virtually no hope for her! We also saw all the website submissions you made--incredibly impressive--so you were definitely a force to be reckoned with! I know you thought my twin had a huge Facebook following but she only has 200 facebook friends!...we still can't believe you didn't win! I guess it just shows what IRL friends will do more than online friends?

I hope you can at least rest a little knowing that my twin is expecting her second daughter and has not been able to have a vacation with her husband since before her first daughter was born! This win will allow her to take a Babymoon with her husband and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life (and to the hustle and bustle of NYC but in a fun way!). She will also GREATLY benefit from the Baby Bjorn prizes--since her kiddos will be so close in age it will be invaluable to have a Baby Bjorn while chasing a toddler.

I wish your son the best of luck in his Nascar races! What an exciting life!