Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Tattoos For Charity!


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Congratulations to NASCAR Driver Matt Kenseth his 21st career victory (October 16, 2011 - Bank of America 500 - Charlotte Motor Speedway). It is hoped that his momentum continues through the rest of the Chase!

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According to his Facebook Page, Mike Calinoff, Matt Kenseth’s spotter, “Okay... I'll be getting this tattoo this Saturday as part of the Jeremiah Weed fundraiser for The Air Force Enlisted Village.

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Race fans in Talladega, Ala. who take advantage of free tattoos can choose between designs including a can of Jeremiah Weed or the signature from one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers, Matt Kenseth. Knowing that tattoos are one of the most iconic symbols of its badass adult fans, Jeremiah Weed will provide free permanent tattoos to adult race fans throughout the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekend at Talladega Superspeedway.

“We have some of the best fans in all of sports,” said Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 Jeremiah Weed Ford Fusion. “They wear our numbers, fly our flags and sometimes even get tattoos to show their dedication. It’s incredible that Jeremiah Weed is doing all this for our fans and to support such a worthy cause as The Air Force Enlisted Village. I look forward to personally checking out the tattoos throughout the race weekend.”

On Saturday, October 22, 2011 - adults, twenty-one and over will be able to sign up at the Jeremiah Weed event space in the Talladega fan zone to receive a free tattoo. A series of tattoos will be available for fans to choose from, including Matt Kenseth’s signature, a number 17, Jeremiah Weed logos and a Jeremiah Weed® Lightning Lemonade® can.

The tattooing will occur at a local tattoo parlor approved by the Alabama State Health Board. Free transportation to and from the parlor will be also provided. For every tattoo inked, Jeremiah Weed will make a $100 donation to The Air Force Enlisted Village, a charity committed to providing safe, secure and dignified homes for indigent surviving spouses of retired Air Force personnel.

“Jeremiah Weed is a brand committed to responsibly celebrating the badass in us all, so we wanted to provide both our adult consumers and fans of Matt Kenseth with a truly unique experience,” said Heather Boyd, Brand Director, Jeremiah Weed. “Attending a race at one of the most legendary tracks in motorsports and receiving a free tattoo is something those participating will never forget!”

Kenseth will also make an appearance at the Jeremiah Weed event space in the Talladega fan zone to support his most loyal fans during the race weekend. All fans receiving tattoos will be required to meet all state-mandated safety regulations, as well as refrain from alcohol consumption.

Fans not wanting to receive permanent tattoos will be provided the opportunity to receive a Matt Kenseth or Jeremiah Weed airbrushed tattoo free of charge.

The Jeremiah Weed line of premium flavored malt beverages, which include Jeremiah Weed® Roadhouse Tea®, Jeremiah Weed® Lightning Lemonade® and Jeremiah Weed® Spiked Cola® flavored malt beverages, are for those celebrating the good times of life, and especially designed for those who live life to the fullest. The 12 and 23.5-ounce canned beverages, each at 5.8% ABV, provide a new twist to the beloved Jeremiah Weed trademark, and are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.49 - $2.79 for 23.5-oz and $7.99 for a 12-oz six-pack.

Please visit to learn more about the “This is Jeremiah Weed” ad campaign and Jeremiah Weed’s line of premium flavored malt beverages. Remember, even tattooed badasses should always drink responsibly.

About Air Force Enlisted Village:
The Air Force Enlisted Village was founded in 1967 to provide a safe, secure and dignified home for indigent surviving spouses of retired Air Force personnel. The Village’s primary goal and focus is to “Provide a Home,” and financial assistance to these women. The surviving spouse with the greatest need is cared for first and none are refused assistance due to financial status. Low pay and frequent military moves leave some spouses without careers, home equities, retirement plans or any significant assets. Surviving spouses requiring financial assistance live here among peers sharing memories of Air Force life without the stigma normally associated with subsidized housing facilities. For more information about the Air Force Enlisted Village, please visit


Unknown said...

Permanent tattoo, holy moly!
The FB link did not work though. I found the UK link by searching.
I'll have to see if we have JEREMIAH WEED up here, never seen it before.

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Thanks so much for the feedback limey59. And thanks for the heads up on the FB link - I think that I fixed it.

Mike Ray said...

Great story zwriter!Bringing awareness to the public in such a positive way.When I first saw Jeremiah Weed on the #17,I wasn't sure what the product was.The promo they've created w/the free tattoo's,supporting the Air Force Village should be a win/win for all involved.I just saw Moses on Speed TV today;all the best to you and yours!God Bless!

@wood_brothers21 said...

This seems quite odd to me but maybe I'm just too old to appreciate it. People nowadays seem hell bent on disfiguring themselves in one way or another but at least this time it's for a good cause. I must admit I've secretly thought of getting a tattoo of a flying eyeball on the middle of my forehead. HA!