Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In light of "Giving Tuesday," Kyle Petty Expresses Appreciation

Kyle Petty 2014 Charity Ride raises $1.1M for Victory Junction

Last year 225 motorcyclists began their 20th Anniversary Kyle Petty Charity RideAcross America in Carlsbad, California.

Race Analyst, and ex-NASCAR Racer Kyle Petty poises
with his motorcycle in Carlsbad, CA

Kyle Petty is grateful to the Carlsbad community for supporting the Ride and helping to make this adventure beneficial to so many children. With the welcome and assistance of local communities like Carlsbad,  the Charity Riders traveled 2,800 miles and raised $1,100,000.00 for Victory Junction, a camp created to enrich the lives of children with chronic illnesses. 

This past spring, I set out on a 2,800-mile motorcycle ride with more than 225 other motorcyclists who helped me raise awareness and spread the word about Victory Junction. We had the pleasure of beginning our first ever, coast-to-coast adventure in the beautiful city of Carlsbad. Kyle Petty related.

The scenery was amazing, but it was the spirit of the community that really made Carlsbad a special place to kick off the 20th Anniversary Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. The energy, sincerity and generosity of our fans and supporters certainly set a positive tone that lasted our entire trip. I want to say thank you to all of those who came out to see us off, for caring about our mission and for giving your time and resources to enrich children’s lives.

Bowling, zip lining or playing kickball are fun activities that may have once seemed impossible for some children to enjoy; but at Victory Junction, they create smiles on the faces of so many who may not smile often enough. The camp also allows their parents to cherish special memories that last long after they leave.

They have not announced the route yet for the 2015 Ride; however stay tuned to their Facebook for an announcement within the next few weeks!

Further, for information and updates on the 21st Anniversary Ride, taking place May 2 through May 8, 2015, follow the Charity Ride on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram.

To donate to Victory Junction, please visit http://www.kylepettycharityride.com/donate.php.

Even though it costs more than $2,500 for one child to attend Victory Junction for a week, each individual is able to do so at no cost – thanks to the generous support Victory Junction receives through fundraising efforts, like the Kyle Petty Charity Ride. Petty reminded.

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