Saturday, December 5, 2015

And The #nascar Award Goes to:

And The #nascar Award Goes to:

Since the days of racing on the beach in Daytona to present day NASCAR sanctioned races, Contingency sponsors have turned lap after lap and visited Victory Lane every weekend alongside the best teams in NASCAR.

Each year, NASCAR Contingency sponsors contribute millions in prize money to NASCAR teams. In turn, many Contingency sponsors develop working relationships with teams and reap benefits of extensive exposure from fans at the track, in the garage and a captivated television audience. NASCAR Contingency sponsors get direct access to teams, connection with a loyal, passionate fan base and prominent visibility in our sport.

The NASCAR Contingency Program strives to maintain strong relationships with high-quality, performance-driven brands that are leaders in their respective categories and drive money to all NASCAR teams via per-race and year-end postings. NASCAR handles all at-track administration of the Contingency Program and also processes all competitor payouts for each event.

Entry blanks for all points-based events list Contingency sponsors and describe each award in detail, breaking down the distribution of posted Contingency money available to NASCAR teams.

Competitors become eligible for awards money by displaying program decals on the front fenders of their race cars and race trucks and in some instances, use of a sponsor product is also an eligibility requirement. If a competitor does not run a specific decal, the prize money “rolls down” to the next eligible competitor, guaranteeing 100% payout for all posted prize money.

And The #nascar Award Goes to:

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