Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Krebs Shares His #NASCAR Memories

John Krebs’ assigned chore is a huge plus for us #NASCAR buffs. You see, John was instructed to clean-out the old picture cabinet and found NASCAR history gold.

John Krebs is a former NASCAR driver from Roseville, California. From 1978 to 1994, Krebs competed in nineteen Sprint Cup Series events; earning his best finish of nineteenth at the old Riverside International Raceway in 1982.

This racer also spent twenty years participating as a driver in the K&N Pro Series West (from 1977 to 2003). In August of 1978, when this series was known as NASCAR Winston West Series, Krebs won at Ascot Park, in Gardena, California with just a one second margin of victory.

NASCAR Race Mom hopes that you enjoy John Krebs’ photos as much as she did. 

"What a bunch of long hair rednecks from Long Beach," Krebs captioned.  John does not remember the name of the first man on the left, but did recall that he was a short timer who worked hard on the team. Next in line is Tom Murdock who races in the VARA Historical Series; then there is John in his white race suit; followed by Marty Lorge - John's long time friend; and lastly an even longer time friend, Frank Simonetti.

"My Dad, Art Krebs, is eighty-eight years young." John commented. "Still machines all parts in shop. Old school machinist, better have measurements to the 100 thousandth. Worked for over twenty years with NASCAR Winston Cup both on West and East coast. The stories he could tell about NASCAR - good and bad."

Just a little to deep. John Krebs reported that he only hit it a little. Somewhere racing with Duke Hoenshell - Them there the days.

Sponsorship on this car for the year consisted of a gas card from Jack Sellers and all the soda John Krebs  could trade for things needed to race.

This is Krebs' Ascot Park ride.  "Ascot Park fun car to drive. I always unload fast, very low budget to operate."  John reports.

Krebs and Ronnie Esau at an unknown track. NASCAR Winston West Series racing with real manufacturers factory steel bodies.

"Ascot Park. No front window, leather face mask, Open Face helmet and I had dirt everywhere." John Krebs reminisced.

Krebs ran the whole year with corporate sponsorship from US Tobacco. A whopping contract that was for $50,000.00 a year.

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aliandro said...

so interesting to see the cars that raced back in the day to the ones that race now!