Thursday, March 3, 2016

#NASCAR Sprint Cup Drivers Offer Some Friendly Advice To Jeff Gordon As He Starts His New Career In The Booth

So how do you think Jeff is doing?

Four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jeff Gordon has embarked on a road previously pioneered by former champions. Ned Jarrett, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett and Benny Parsons managed to  extended their time in the sport with successful television careers.

“When Jeff said this was something he was interesting in, you do take a step back and say, ‘OK, can Jeff carry on the tradition and to be part of the group of what you guys have done?’ which is fun and interesting and self-deprecating,” said Eric Shanks, president and COO of Fox Sports.

In addition to his job with Fox, which comes with a lot of behind-the-scenes production meetings and other network commitments, Gordon will continue to meet with sponsors while keeping an ownership stake at Hendrick Motorsports.

Of course, his fellow drivers were on hand to offer their advice:


Unknown said...

I hate when we fans in Sweden are not allowed to watch video clips!!!

NASCAR Race Mom said...

Why are you not allowed to watch the video Clips???