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Jimmie Johnson’s #NASCAR Champions Journal

Jimmie Johnson’s #NASCAR Champions Journal

The Champions Journal has a new home

Jimmie Johnson’s #NASCAR Champions Journal
After winning a few championships, Jimmie Johnson was curious as to why there wasn’t something passed down from champion to champion. Johnson had a conversation with Mike Helton about it and Helton give him the idea of a ‘Champions Journal.’

Therefore, in 2011, Jimmie Johnson started the journal and gave it to Tony Stewart at the Banquet. It’s been passed along since.

  • 2012 - Tony Stewart passed it on to Brad Keselowski
  • 2013 - Brad Keselowski passed it back to Jimmie Johnson
  • 2014 - Jimmie Johnson passed it on to Kevin Harvick
  • 2015 - Kevin Harvick passed it on to Kyle Busch
  • 2016 - Kyle Busch passed it back to Jimmie Johnson

On November 30th, it was Jimmie Johnson’s pleasure to pass on the 'Champions Journal' to the 2017 Champion Martin Truex Jr.

Just another example of why Jimmie Johnson is such a great #NASCAR Champion

With a record-tying seventh Championship in 2016, Johnson is now competing for an incredible eight NASCAR titles. Johnson admitted 2017 was one of the most challenging years in his sixteen full-time seasons in the Cup Series.

"It’s high on the list. I don’t know if this year versus maybe 2015. That was a tough one on us, as well, with that rules package and trying to get speed out of our cars," said Johnson, who's optimistic that he can return to form in 2018.

"Next year, we’ll be in a much better position with the Camaro body on the racecar," Johnson said. "Hopefully, we make the right decisions over the off-season. There's a lot of change coming for the Chevrolets. The Camaro is going to be a huge help. We’ll take a deep breath and then look forward to getting started." (source)

Just another example of why Jimmie Johnson is such a great #NASCAR Champion

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