Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashes in Snowstorm

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashes in Snowstorm

Jr. Warns N.C. Residents 'Stay off the Roads'

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crashes in Snowstorm #NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. walked away from plenty of hard crashes throughout his NASCAR career, so he quickly shrugged off a weather-related traffic accident he was involved in Wednesday.

Earnhardt Jr. was out for a drive in North Carolina's Piedmont region, which has received several inches of snow since dawn. Snow in that area is a relatively rare event, and just a few inches is enough to shut down schools and business while creating havoc on the highways.

After stopping to help one motorist that had run off the road, Junior himself said he "center punched a pine tree." He quickly shared his adventure on Twitter, assuring fans he's OK.

"NC stay off the roads today/tonight. 5 minutes after helping these folks I center punched a pine tree," Earnhardt Jr. wrote. "All good. Probably just needs a new alignment."

The popular driver, who retired from full-time competition at the end of last season, is set to begin his new career as a NASCAR broadcaster for NBC this season. NBC announced Tuesday Earnhardt Jr. will make his broadcast debut as part of the network's Super Bowl and Winter Olympics coverage.

There may be snow in Minneapolis and Pyeongchang, so hopefully Junior has a relief driver standing by.

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