Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jesse Iwuji's Thoughts on Life's Equality

Jesse Iwuji's Thoughts on Life's Equality

Play Your Hand to the Best of your Ability with Faith and Action


Jesse Iwuji

There will be people who aren’t going to like what I’m about to say. In the land of opportunity, just understand it was never meant for everyone to start on a level playing field, equally. Here’s whyđŸ€”….Life is a card game, and every deck of cards has a finite amount of cards that are all different. When the card game(life/career/relationship/etc) begins, we are all unbiasedly dealt a certain hand by God. That hand we are dealt is meant to be our beginning point, NOT our designated end. Some are dealt an amazing hand to start, making their odds of winning less complicated, and some are dealt really crappy hands. BUT just because you were dealt a crappy hand, DOES NOT mean that you can’t still fight your way to a win. There is no law in the card game of life that states if your initial hand you’re dealt is crappy, you automatically lose. Where people start to lose is by bad decision making in the card game, greed, blaming the card dealer(God) for your bad hand, analysis paralysis, and mentally giving up. Play your hand to the best of your ability with faith and action, and I promise good things will come. If you were dealt that crappy hand to start life, your career, your family, your marriage, or whatever it is, never let that initial hand determine the outcome of the game. Even if you do lose, sit back down, and just play againđŸ‘ŠđŸŸ. 


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